First Post!


May the name of Allah begins it all..

Hye everybody! This is my first post so let me tell you guys about myself okay? name is Mohd Syamirulah Rahim. I was born on 11th August 1988 in a small village about 15km from the AS city. Currently studying abroad at the MRSM PDRM Kulim and planning to further my study in the UTP (it’s god’s will, though!). My family is living peacefully in a rural town located somewhere in Perak. Being a leader in my college had taught me well about responsibility, trust, teamwork and so on yet i still always caught in trouble! Someone special to me is my girl, who I loved so much! But now having a little quarrel with her… (little? maybe ‘big’ is more suitable!) Well… I hope my life still going on in a happy condition, and so are you, readers! That’s all for now, I guess! Until next time, see ya again!

"Before a heart is captured, it must be willing to be caught." – Leokid –

2 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. aiSEh..bajEt jEw kaT sY yG awK siNgLe>>>
    hatI daH teRpauT kaT anIs ??
    hahah>>nIce namE btW…
    weH daH taU gaDUh puJUk2 ar….
    niE sY dh koMen aWk nYer blog..maI le blOk sY plak…
    hahah ^.^

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