pLkN feVeR~!!

Writing here from Science Dept, PDRM MJSC.

Argh!! It’s PLKN selection fever. I’m so worried of being selected as one of the NS trainee. It’s not because i’m afraid of it or i’m kinda pampered son. But the one I afraid of that my future studies in higher education level would be interrupted by this NS thing. Well, my intention in my future life is, get to university early, receive a degree early, gets a job early, getting married early (?) and finally live happily with my beloved one, early!!

Speaking of my beloved one, em…i’m aving a bit trouble with her, actually. I don’t know where’s da probs is, but i’m quite frustrated ryt now… :(

Anyway, thanx 4 reading my blogs! Stick with me ya! Wait for my next post. Bubbye!!

Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you.


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