ReTirEmeNt DaY~!!

In the name of Allah, I begin this..

Ahh!!! Finally, it’s my retirement day. As the announcement of the new BWP’s that will replaced me this week, it means that I’m officially off the job as EXCO KEBUDAYAAN !! It’s quite happy and sad, actually.. HAPPY? Yes, of course! Coz now I’m no longer tied to the ethics and people’s perspective as a leader. I’m a bit free and independent right now!

SAD? Yeah..quite sad. Reminiscing all the memories that happen in BWP’s Room and all the experience I’ve face…it sure would leave a nice, BEAUTIFUL marks deep inside my heart!.

Uhu… you know what? I’m now fed up with love. I hereby declare that I have nothing to do, have no intentions to, with ANYBODY!! After being disappointed numerous time in my life, now i lost my faith in girls!! No, I’m not saying that i hate girls but…it’s just a matter of feeling that i don’t really qualified either to love somebody or to be loved by somebody. I hope, a girl will appear in my life, that is able to open up my heart again, enlighten my life that had been in dim before this. Hope so..

Love is the most poisonous, but it can be most beautiful…


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