aFteR tHe TrIaL exaMinAtIon ~!!

In the name of Allah, Who began it all..

Alhamdulillah…praise to the Allah for His grace, of allowing me scored straight 10 A’s (6A1 4A2) in the trial examination. It is surely beyond my expectation. Well, my next plan is.. i’m applying for the SPC!! Haha! My first choice would be a medic course in Russia! The second would be an engineering course on petroleum in local UTP. It’s kinda contrast ryt? Medic and Engineering. Dr Syamirulah or Ir Syamirulah. Which one is better? Haha.. I dont know. I let Allah determine my way. If i got both, then i’ll definitely choose to be a doctor!!

On the personal aspect of my life, hm.. it’s quite a mess. I had already disconnected with Anis, and now establishing connection to another girl of my age. (Sounds computeristic?) AHakS! However, things arent going according to my plan. Wonder if it’s Allah’s plan, so i dont have to change it. Yet, i hope to that my dream will be realized soon. Hope so..

Some minds are more open than others – Mental Note of The Judgement


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