SPM ~FeVer!!!

In the name of Allah who make it happen..

Argh~!!! It’s SPM time! Can’t believe i still could spare my time writing this post while tomorrow its Add MAths exam!! Huhaha!! For the time being, after half way through the SPM, so far i can say it is quite comfy for me. Not to being so overconfident but i’m pretty sure that i can make it well. Ahaks! Except for the history, i guess.. (everybody, including cikgu azizan were shocked!!)

On the 6th December i’m going to sit for the Russian Interview! Oh, Lord. Please make it happen to me!!!

While on the 15th December I have to report at the MARA HQ, for the ISEF06 Selection!! Oh, Lord, again, Please make it happen!!

Bout my personal relationship, i guess i had just make it slipped away. With all my mistakes and wrong decisions i make, i guess that two of us just cant make it happen. It’s breaking my heart A LOT but i believe that i just gonna accept it. Life’s like this…

Thank You, Allah..


3 thoughts on “SPM ~FeVer!!!

  1. wow..rupa-rupanya kid dah menulis blog since school..and i never though yang kid ada relationship with a girl since your academic performance were superb.. By the way, teringat pula zaman ambil spm bila baca entry ni..
    Now, Dr.Syamirullah agak-agaknya bila nak balik Malaysia untuk berbakti pada negara sendiri? =)

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