FinALe Pr0jeCt~!!

It’s the end of da 2005~!!!

Huh…the end of SPM does not means that it is the end of my life, ryt? While the rest of my friends enjoying themselves, freely independently, i still stuck at here, at the MRSM PDRM KULIM!! What for? Well…for the INTEL ISEF 06 Selection!! I still hope that we manage to compete in the competition. Winning is not everything but the experience that counts!

Me still in a shock after the BIG SUPRISE on the Graduation Day. Well, at least for me its a big suprise to be awarded as THE BEST STUDENT!! Whoo… What a suprise!!

Bout my personal life…still living in a dull, same, boring condition.. Hurm.. Still looking for a gurl that willing to ‘knock-knock’ on my heart. Huhu… It’s kinda confusing myself, after realizing that i’m not…. Yeah, i have to admit that …. Arghhh!!! I’m confused with my personal relationship!!

Know that by thinking of Allah, thy will come to peace… Ar-Ra’ad (28)


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