EnD oF yEaR vs NeW YeaR~!!

May the name of Allah, and praise to Him, begins..

Never thought i could still spare my time writing post in this blog. After all things that keep me in busy

Huh…me never be able to relax… One by one tasks following after me, making me nearly gone crazy right now!!

Hurm.. me currently spending my time on a vacation at Penang, while my family enjoying themself shooping in the bazaar, me stuck here at a cybercafe alone..

Yeah, Kid is now lonely much! I miss all my friends, my teachers, my classes,my homeworks, and especially my loved one! Huhu.. Me miss her a lot but she never gonna miss me, though..

That’s all I think. I’m in blurry condition ryt now, and kindly hoping that miracle will appear and make my wish,to be her’s, comes true.. InsyaAllah..

[29.25 ]. Firman Allah,  : Ye have chosen idols instead of Allah . The love between you is only in the life of the world . Then on the Day of Resurrection ye will deny each other and curse each other , and your abode will be the Fire , and ye will have no helpers .

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