nEw daY…neW liFe~!!

With Thy name, shall I begin this..

Hello, there! Again, i wrote here. A good news that I’ve been waiting for! (Well, still not the best..) On this 6th February, I will be signing up at the INTEC (International Education College) UiTM Shah Alam! For what? My Russian Medical Preparation Program!! InsyaAllah, i will be flying to Russia by the end of August this year..

Well, actually i’m quite in a blurry condition..(again?!) Blurry coz i will be leaving my best friend, whom i admire, whom i love.. She just know bout me going tu Russia and it is really hard for me knowing that i will not meet her in next seven years. Wonder what will happen to my relationship with her, and by thinking bout that just make me more blurry. Alas, I let it to Allah. Oh, God! Bless my relationship with her. Make she destined to be mine, and i swear in the name of God, i shall love You more and i shall love her for the rest of my life!

Firman Allah: 4.45 . Allah knoweth best ( who are ) your enemies . Allah is sufficient as a friend , and Allah is sufficient as a Helper

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