a Long-WeEk…lOts Probs~!!

with Allah, i start, may His Glory never gloom..

Gdday, to all my friends. Today saturday, 4th feb 2006, and there’s just another 2 days before i started my life as a student of UiTM! If people long time ago always said to their children bout getting themselves into a university, i did achieved what my parents have been praying since i was born! I hope this glory, my ‘rezeki’, would stay with me till the end of my life.. 6 months in INTEC and then 6 years in Russia, after that 6 years again of housemanship as a doctor, serving to malaysians! It not about bragging, noble job, high salary, or even professional job as a doctor, but all i did is just to prove that i am SOMEBODY..and i am capable to be ANYBODY! Truthfully, my objective is : to get all girls that rejected me before this, for them to regret because they have ‘kindly’ set aside a guy who once loved them, and suddenly became a guy who able to provide everything!

I dont know why more achievements i grabbed, the more problems come after me! After one another, one by one, and yet all this probs had taught me well about the reality of life..

After all bad incidents happen to me, i could bear myself, convinced to say that now i have lost my faith to girls, lost my trust and i find myself hardly to fell in love again.. i dun know why.. Some people said that i am a perfectionist, who can succeed in every aspects of my life, but they just didnt know that i am a damn loser in this aspect of "love"..

30.60 . So have patience ( O Muhammad ) ! Allah ‘ s promise is the very truth , and let not those who have no certainty make thee impatient .

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