1st DaY…1sT iMpresSionS~!!

May Allah and His blessing with us..

Ahaks! It’s my first night in the INTEC, or specifically, KOLEJ CEMARA..!! It was quite blurry, as my feeling was fill with all the mix and stuffs that even i dont know how to xplain it!

Huh, firstly, the accomodation is SO GREAT! An 4-person apartment, complete with studytable, computertable and sofa for each person, a living room, a bathroom and toilets (which will be shared by 4 of us), the verandah, living here is much more beyond my expectations! Compared to the PDRM (which i thought was the best before), Kolej CEMARA is much,much better!

We, 47 Russian Program students, came from various mRSMs’ and state’s. There are some of my friends even from Sabah! (3 of them). Being gathered here, had realize myself that there are still lots of people who are cleverer than me in this world…and to feel such emotion had inspired me much as well as motivating me enthusiastically to further my study in Russia!

Hurm…i once receive a suggestion by a friend of mine who concern about my personal life, which is to find a new gurl here in INTEC, and i assume that suggestion was a ‘never-to-be-working’ one. I dun know why, despite my glory here in intec, i still sad because no matter what i do, i still enjoying my success alone, lonely..

4.13 . These are the limits ( imposed by ) Allah . Whoso obeyeth Allah and His messenger , He will make him enter Gardens underneath which rivers flow , where such will dwell for ever . That will be the great success

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