FortNite have gOne sO faSt..~!

In the name of Allah, with lots of praises to Him..

Holla everyone.. its been a fortnight i’ve been here in the Shah Alam and this fortnight have been kinda bz to me. Lots of works start to dump in, assignments are beginning to pile up and lectures and lectures are driving me out of insanity, bit by bit!

I certainly would agree that this culture shock i am facing is something new that beyond my xpectations. Seeing other struggling easily as if they’ve used to it making me shivers, realizing that i’m just a small dot in a drop of ink!

Well…guess that my main probs living here is the $$$!! Every single cent needs to be budget and saves for tomorrow’s use! Huh..

I dont believe that i could eventually fall in love, couples, and break up,…in a week!! Huh!! Now i’m REALLY fed up wif girls, and living 18 years had taught me that all girls are SAME! They just dun appreciate anything a man would done for them, and even we devoted our heart and willing to sacrifice for them, they would just feel like "Ah, its okay.. sapa suruh dia wat camni? lantak le kat dia…belambak lagi guys out there yg better than dia…"

Believe me, i’ve experienced this.

73.8 . So remember the name of thy Lord and devote thyself with a complete devotion

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