The NerVousity Of The SPm ReSuLt!!

with the glory of Allah, thy who created the world, with thy name i shall begin this

Gdday, everyone! Everybody here in the INTEC (the one in Russian Program, of course) Bukak_20poserwere now in blue faces, as well as sweating without causes and having regularly nightmare nightly or even daily! Hak2! Its all the SPM Result blues.. Although the result will only be out by 13th March, the shivers can already being to feel to us ryt now! Maybe there are somebody out there saying with envy that we are already begun our tertiary education yet we dont have to worry about SPM anymore but i oughta tell this, that this SPM result meant MUCH BIGGER to us rather than those who now enjoying cooking in the KFC or Kenny Roger’s.

Why? Yeah, its a term with our sponsor, MARA that if we are UNABLE to achieve these certain criteria in our SPM :

  • A2 in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Add Maths and Maths
  • B3 in Bahasa Melayu and English

We are going to be smack out of these INTEC UiTM!! And thats truly a horror to us, if that happen.

Again, i would ask everybody who read this post, PLEASE, PRAY FOR US!! Pray for our success so that our ambition to serve to our beloved Malaysian, comes true one day!

I know it might be late now for praying, as the result is already ready to be published, however, with His power, even the impossible can be done by Him.

O Allah, there’s only ONE more obstacle to be faced, ONE more barrier to be break, ONE more condition to be fulfilled, and yet Thy the only one who could make it happen, and the One who know what’s the best for us…

.: How Do People See Me? :.

***Slow and Steady***

Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.

They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.

It’d really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.

How Do People See You?


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