GoT KnowN OverNyte~!!

Praise to Lord, as this is His power to make it..

Hey!! Everybody gotta click on this link!!’s one of my broher’s buffet me with fame and glamorousity.. which i never once prayed for it. However, its quite touching to know that all my hardwork had paid.. There’s a friend of mine who told me that i dont have to lower my head about this, it is something i deserve for it. I have the right to brag about it, as it is my success that allow this to happen.

However, as from my point of view, i dont think i want to brag about it. I assume this as a gift from Allah, and therefore He can always take it away anytime He want.

And yet, this glamorousity had never dim the light of nervousity in myself. The SPM Result Fever is a new dilemma in my life, the heat is so scorching yet i can’t find myself time to stay calm, and concentrate on studying! Argh!!Can’t wait till the pandemic is over!!

Just now i went to JPA’s website and book a pin number. While some people saying that my place in tertiary education has been comformed, i still need this JPA Scholarship as an ‘insurance‘ for myself, just in case sumthing bad happen. ArghH..dun know what will the future be?!

Que Sera, Sera,

Whatever will be, will be,

The future’s not our’s to see..

Que Sera..Sera…

***I Am 78% Addicted to Love***
Might as well face it, you’re very addicted to love.
But you’re not really getting the deep love you seek.
Short lived, dramatic relationships are more your style.
Let go of needing someone, and you may find someone you actually want.

Are You Addicted to Love?


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