tHe tRuE meAninG oF a ReLatioNshIp~!

Bismi Rabbial Azimi wa Bihamdih

What’s more beautiful than a friendship? Before this i totally believed that love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I believed that love always lasts forever. But somehow, by Allah’s will, recently, i was exposed to something reality. Something that reflects new perspective of relationship to me. Something that realizes me that love is never the best thing in the world, yet friendship can always have the strength to pulls the ‘love’ away from somebody.

The incident that realizes me was unplanned, as it happens with Allah’s qada and qadar, as if He wanted to show me His justification and justice about the relationship among human He created.

I’ve never thought that i would stumble upon one old friend. We havent part for long, but the distance and gap were existed for a few years. The gap that existed because of something ‘pure’ : love. Yeah, i stumbled upon a girl whom i once loved, back in few years ago. I cannot blame love and hatred as the cause of my heart-breaking moment with her, it was my fault unintentionally. But somehow it just some kind of ironic, we spent some time together as if we are loving couples, yet realizing that we were not, realizing that each of us had separated into two different paths and now loving someone else.

It’s never my intention to bring back old memories with hope that she will accept me back and dump her current boy, but its really touching knowing that someone who once being hated by me, someone whom i once disappointed of breaking my heart, accepted me as a friend! But the most important is, she is the first girl i’d ever met, who really appreciated all the thing’s i’ve done to her. She’s the kindest person i’d ever met, the willingness to apologize and to accept apology, the unprejudice thought and attitutde, and only Allah know how grateful i am to her, for being among my best friends, who willing to share a bit of happiness, introducing me to the value of happiness in my life.

It’s the first time i’d ever tasted what ‘happiness’ is.

For all my life, I’m all buffeted with tears and sorrow, pain and disappointment, and thanx to her, thanx to ‘you’, for the first time in my life, perhaps for the last time, me finally know what ‘happiness’ is.

Happiness is the feeling of

care and being cared

appreciate and being appreciated

I learned something from u, that is,

i dont need love and need not to be loved in order to cheer a cup of happiness in my life.

[thanx for everything!]

***My Heart Is Pink***

In relationships, I like to play innocent – even though I am not.
Each time I fall in love, it’s like falling for the first time.

My flirting style: Coy

My lucky first date: Picnic in the park

My dream lover: Is both caring and dominant

What I bring to relationships: Romance

What Color Heart Do You Have?

Footnote: i’ve learned my first guitar chord! it’s "Bedroom Window" from Nice Stupid Playground. Hak2. Soo excited!


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