SimPle 30 qUesTioNs .. ~!!

1.What are you doing right now?
Completing english assignment on topic Human Genome Project.

2.What colour you like the most?
Blue, Navy Blue, Black

3.What are you thinking of right now?
Hmm..thinking of completing my assignment. Tomorrow is dateline!!

4.When was the last time you visited your hometown?
Erm.. a week ago if i’m not mistaken.

5.Who are your best friend?
Myself.. (I’ve never break my own heart!)

6.Where were you born?
Kampung Nawa, Mukim Lesung, Pokok Sena, Kedah. (Where is it??)

7.What is your biggest talent?
Talent? Leadership and computer, i guess.. (correct me if i’m wrong!!)

8.Do you like your handwriting?
My normal handwriting..nah, dun really like it.

9.Do you miss someone?
Yes. Of course.

10.Do you enjoy your life?
Yes currently, but i think something’s missing..

11.How do you feel right now?

Dunno.. blur..

13.Where is the place you want to visit?
Syurga. Hehe..just kidding..  Em..dunno.. places that could give me tranquility..

14.Best film..
Garasi …Rocks!! Hehe..

15.Rock or hip hop?

16.Do you like your cousins?
Cousins? Actually dun really know them..hak2..

17.Like to sing?
Yes, and currently proceeding to guitar. hehe..

18.If you given a chance, you want to have a duet with?
Huh? Dunno.. Avril maybe..

19.Who is your role model?
Rasulullah s.a.w…. other is hm…dunno. Dr. House maybe. Hehe..

20.What will you do after this?
Makan! I’m starved…

21.Who is ur fav actor/actress?

22.When is your birthday?
Proud lion was born on 11th august 1988. Hak2.

23.Who’s ur best relative?
Dunnoe…dun really get close to them..

24.When did u last see ur parents?
Last week, i think…

25.When were you last at school?
Performing motivational speech to students…25th March

26.What is your result?

"Cukup2 makan"..hehe.. 10A1.

27.What are you doing last 15 minutes ago?
Finding resources of my assingments…playing neopets..

28.You like to do?
Dun know. Berangan…

29.Who was the last person you talk to?

30.Have you ever tell someone you love that you love her?
What’s the matter? It wouldnt make any differences!!!

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