IcY MoNeY~!!

with His name, and Thy who resolves me..i begin this
This week, everyone in INTEC (Russian Program) come back to abshizitiye (hostel) with a BIG grin and smile, as if there’s nothing could satisfy us more rather than to having RM540 in each and every account of us! Except for me, i couldnt bear myself for being too excited of having rm810 instead! Hak2. This is my first time to hold such amount of money.Picture3
First time holding the cheque, the first thing that came into my mine was a brand new handphone. It would be really great to have a Ngage in my right hand, and my current S.Ericsson k300i in my left hand. Har3!!
However, is i sounded my opinion to my beloved papa, the words that came out from his mouth were "Hang jangan nak mengada-ngada. Duit simpan buat makan!"
Well, ok papa… It’s not a big thing to me. But for me, there could be another way to channel my ‘wealth’. Ahaks!
So, yesterday, i went to Sunway Pyramid along with Ezuwan, Fein and Farah and we were enjoying ourselves with the Ice Skating! Two hours of skating resulting in few bruises in some part of my body! Well, i fell a few time, threwn to the wall several time, accidentally crashed into other skaters a number of time, and that doesnt count me tripping over the ice, having my skating boot to kick somebody’s butt and me nearly accidentally kissed a girl as i fell onto her!! It’s such a wonderful experience and i believe that i’m going to skate more often in Russian.
But for now, i found myself that i’m now addicted to ice skating! Haha. It’s not really a costy, expensive winter sport, as it only costs nearly rm20 per trip! Hm.. I really need lots of practicing!
Ice skating, is like cycling a bike. We learn it hardly, fell lots of time, and once we’re getting into it, it’s a lifetime skill! You should try it!

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