neW fRienDs wOrldWide~!!

Very good day to everyone. Wow, it’s been such a long time (?) i havent wrote new post. Well, things seem like going on normally here at intec, we are studying calmly, enjoying ourselves. There’s nothing much that going on inside our head ryt now as our place are already been conformed in Russia.
My activity recently and currently is…em..chatting! Yup, chatting on yahoo messenger, msn messenger also in ICQ. Ironically, most of my friend in my list, dont live in Malaysia! Yup, i start to knowing people all over the world, realizing that this could imposed me to the variety of culture and tradition. Currently i have friends from slovenia, spain, philippines, germany, uk and us. There’s obviously lots of benefits having them as my friends. For instance, do u know that slovakia and slovania is not same? That Quenzon City is the largest city in Philippines?
Ironically, all of my overseas friend is girls! Well, it’s not that i’m not interested in having boys as my online friend but these girls all over the world are so easy to approach and they dont really criticise others. (contrast with malaysian girls, in my opinion).
Communicating with people over the world had changed my perspective and persepsion towards them. For example, they still chatting with me easily, unbiased although knowing that i’m a muslim. And when i told that i’m from malaysia, most of them were like "aw..", "qewl". It’s so patriotic to know that MALAYSIA name is widely known all over the world!

I think i’m now ready to face all type of people, all over the world. And by chatting online, it’s a suitable preparation and training method to me.


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