dA vinCi coDe~!!

Finally, the day. I’ve completed reading the da vinci code last week, and it seems like a month’s waiting till dis day! The day which i watch its movie, and rate whether the narrative style of directing by Ron Howard matches with the narrative style brought by Dan Brown in his book.

Well, frankly spoken, its been a typical feedback that movies based on novel/comic are always worse than the novel/comic itself, and yes, the same goes to the Da Vinci Code too. I found out the reading the +100chapters novel give much satisfactory value rather than that 150minutes movie. I could hardly believe that it took one hour (or half, maybe) to finish a chapter, and yet the movie only covered it for about…um…a minute? Huh!

Tom Hanks, Audrey Tatou in The Da Vinci Code

Also, there some facts and parts where have been cut off in the movie. Parts such as the explaination of the code, the journey to the scotland etc etc that enjoyable in the novel but skipped in the movie. And this also contributes one more point approving that the novel is better than the movie.

However, director Ron Howard deserves a compliment for the way he manages to draw viewers attention and interest when Langdon and Sophie was about to find the Holy Grail in the Rosalyn Church. It looks real, and such heart-beating moment.

One more aspect that i think quite ‘weird’ and ‘unsuitable’ in the movie is the humour part.(?!). Yeah, the part when Teabing joking about the Blade and Chalice (18sx?), and the part when Sophie dipped her toe into the pond imitating the Jesus ability to turn water into wine?! Hak2, its quite weird when the director put some humoristic touchs on certain2 religious facts.. while that scene actually is not there in the novel!

Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou star in Columbia Pictures' The Da Vinci Code

Well, overall, hm..i would say reading its novel is far, more satisfacting rather than watching the movie. And for those who didnt read but watch the movie only, it’ll be quite confusing. Quoting the man who sit next to me in the cinema, "What is the movie all about? It just ended like this?" Well, obviously he didnt read the book after all, so he didnt quite understand the movie. It might happen to you too.. Here’s a copy of Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code – PDF Format : On my personal file host : Specially for you guys to be downloaded! (1422kb)

<<link will be available soon>>

Critics n Comments

San Francisco Chronicle
Mick LaSalle
"A pretty-good-but-who-cares effort"
USA Today
Claudia Puig
"The most startling revelation in the movie version of The Da Vinci Code "
Hollywood Reporter
Kirk Honeycutt
"…an unwieldy, bloated melodrama

Tom Hanks in Columbia Pictures' The Da Vinci Code

Well, guys, post a comment about the movie!


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