itS oLLiE dAy~!!!

Hoooolla~!!! Now it’s holiday fever~!! Well,lots of things happen during this holiday. Erm…the AF4 prelude,..the myTeam vs Malaysia…Argh~!! Cut the craps.!! Finally i could rest in peace in my beloved radnoy (hometown).. Hak2

This holiday, there isnt much important things goin on wif me, juz a simple, lazy life which starts usually 10am…followed by eating, sleeping, watching tv, all over again! Huh, my life is pointless!!

Enough about holiday, since its usually same things going on, so i just cut the story to…em…after the holiday! Well, after the holiday, there are certainly lots of interesting things going on involving me!!  Among them is the beginning of Anatomy Class!

Yeap,we the Russian Programme student will start studying Anatomy right after this holiday. Wif the Varonezh-imported lecturer, we will begin learning about anatomy. Well, the syllabus included parts of the body in Russian and Latin~!! Be prepared, latinos, i’m going to ya~!!!

Huhaha. Another interesting thing that will happen is…the BTN camp.What the heck is BTN~!! Well, this Biro Tatanegara camp is about building a lot of patriotic values in ourself. Our core-person said that the camp will be held in Pahang somewhere in june. Honestly, frankly spoken, i HATE camping!!! Why should i suffer myself deep in the forest,in the middle of nowhere, at the time when i could enjoy my life in luxury and comfy back in my couch at Kolej Cemara Shah Alam~!! This all craps is meant to promote patriotisme among oversea students, yet thinking of this makes my hatred toward government grow much bigger. (Sorry malaysia!)

Argh, how could i nearly forget them! Them? Who? Them!!! My juniors!! Hehe.. Those JPA-sponsored students altogether with other MARA-sponsored students will start their study here in Intec beginning the end of June. Although all of them is at the same age as me, spm 2005 candidates, but as we have been living here since the beginning  of the years, meaning that we are the Seniors 5 months in advance!! Hehe. Moreover, i’m volunteering for the MMS (Minggu Mesra Siswa) as a facillitator. So ‘juniors’, prepared for the "mingle-mingle" with me~!! (My comrades, you know what i mean…hehe)

Em…other interesting things that going to happen..such World Cup,  EXAMS~!!!!!!!!!!, another show in Russian Centre…well i guess life’s like this!!

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