Forget . Forgotten . to Forget . Overlook . Disregard .

for·get  (fr-gt, fôr-)
v. for·got, (-gt) for·got·ten, (-gtn) or for·got for·get·ting, for·gets
v. tr.

  1. To be unable to remember (something).
  2. To treat with thoughtless inattention; neglect: forget one’s family.
  3. To leave behind unintentionally.
  4. To fail to mention.
    1. To banish from one’s thoughts: forget a disgrace.
    2. Informal. To disregard on purpose. Usually used in the imperative: Oh, forget it. I refuse to go! friends~!! tHis pOStS tHemE iS ‘fOrgEt’. I’m sure all of us have come across this moment in life when we forget bout something. Its quite embarassing to forget one’s birthday, but it’s quite suprising when you forget your own birthday~!! It’s, however, irritating, when somebody forget to flush the toilet. And sometimes ‘forget’ can be the reasons (or excuses?).

In higher value of meaning, ‘forget’ is also an escapism~! Yeah, to forget old memories. To forget something traumatic. To forget somebody who is annoying. ‘To Forget’, or ‘To Be Forgotten’ is actualy not really bad at all, as it does have some benefit, and some hikmah will surely appear after any incidents occur regarding to forgetness..

And there goes the saying.. "To Forgive and Forget". This saying, with further discussion, is related with "let bygones be bygones". What’s done is done; don’t worry about the past, especially past errors or grievances. To forget one’s mistake is better than to forgive. Agree with me?

Bygone \By"gone`\, n. Something gone by or past; a past event. “Let old bygones be” –Tennyson.

So what’s the point here~!! I mumbling alone about this forget stuff, does it have any relevance nor correlation with my own happy yet sadistic life? Well, actually not really. For the time being, please, i really need all of people around me to forget me for a while~!! (huh?~!) Huhaha. It’s not really like what is going around in your head ryt now, just that let me go by peace, okay? I know that it’s really hard to let go of me, esp my family, of course. But i really need it~!! I really, desperately, in such condition, to go to Russia~!! Not really solely to study, but to start a new life~!!

They said that we must align our intention (niat, nawaitu) before we get there, so that our business is eased by Allah. Here is my niat to Russia:

1. To get a medical degree, making my whooole family proud of myself~!! Quoting my pakcik’s, " Dalam keluarga kita semua dah ada. Hang bukannya orang first nak pi oversea. Engineer dah ada. Arkitek dah ada. Akauntan dah ada. Tinggal doktor ja takdak orang berani pi lagi. Hang la harapan keluarga kita, doktor pertama dalam keluarga" (It’s my pleasure, my honor)

2. To prove to myself, and everybody else who make a pressumption before this that i cannot get to where i want, just to prove that you’re wrong, guys~!! Hey, here i am, the boy which you laugh at first, the u guy which you turned over because of thinking that this boy will not make it to be a ‘somebody’ worth loving one day~!! Sorry to say but i believe 6 years later this ordinary boy will turn to somebody you all worth dying for..

3. Nawaitu number 3.. hmm.. just to forget and forgive. Yeah, this my intention going to russia is actually not really important. Hey~@!! it’s really important~!! I want to start a new life, with guided and guarded iman, for being a good muslim. To forget each and every single problem here, and to face a new problem with a new courage and bravery. All i can say is when i come back 6 years later, i aint gonna be the same Mohd Syamirulah Rahim as all of you have known for the time being.

Other nawaitu~? Em…takdak dah kot…semua habih dah. Hak2. Well, there a a few other intentions which i think not really important for now.. Just enough with those three. i hope that these intentions is sanctity enuf, and may God ease my journey in my life..

Forget it~!!


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