mE, MySeLf, aNd i~!!

[mohd syamirulah rahim]

Yeap~!! That’s my name. Dun know where it comes from, but certainly a good, beautiful name chosen by my parents~!! Thanx~!! Meaning? eM…dun really get it’s direct translation, but from my point of view,

mohd – name of prophet

syamirulah –> syamamirallah –> the sun, the leader, chosen by Allah.

rahim – my father’s name, meaning ‘penyayang’. Yes, he is.

[11th august 1988]

My birth date. Was born in a village, called Kg Nawa, Pokok Sena. My mum said, actually she was hoping that i was born on 8th August 1988 so that the number is much more ‘beautiful’. 8/8/1988. Yeap, it’s beautiful. But i was so stubborn so that i only be born three days later. hehe. i believe that’s true, i am a stubborn kid. Huhaha.

[medical student]

huhu…currently rolling into the medical preparation course in UiTM, and will be proceeding to Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Univ. Actually, my ambition was to be a petroengineer~!! In fact, my career coursework also based on Petro Chemical Engineering. Well, guess that Allah knows which are better for me..

[third son of 4]

I have 2 older bros and a younger sis. my first brother works as a journalist (though a software engineering majoring in artificial intelligence graduate~!!), and my 2nd bro working as a doctor (punya technician) kat hospital pulau pinang. my sis still a primary school student..

[intec uitm shah alam]

yeap~!! my university~!! love my core person, dr.yamin, my ex core person a.k.a. my mother russia madam penelope jayaram, my lecturer a.k.a brother bro izzuan izzaidi, my lecturers, my ustazah, my abg kafe, my pakcik library, my pakguard and makguard, my bus driver~!! hehe.

[pengkalan hulu perak]

currently living in perak. a nice hometown, no traffic jam, no pollution (but no victoria station, no pizza hut, no mcdee..huhu). Onestly i dun have friends there, but it’s okay for me. The best place to lepak : taman tasik kroh. Nice spot. Next to a golf field, ada restoran terapung.. Sometimes i went there, just for relaxation, shouting like hell to express my feeling~!! (love doin that, only here i am able to do it!). I guess that one day, i’ll propose marriage to the girl whom i love here, by the lake.

[black and blue navy]

my fav colour. Black is the best~!! Actually the most suitable one is Dark. why? black/dark can cover up almost everything! agony, sadness, anger, happy, cheerful, — all can be easily swallowed by blackness and darkness~!! (not a black-metaler, okay?). It’s like the King of All Colour. Blue navy? em..dunno, just love the colour. Not he cyan blue or turqoise, but navy blue. Dkt2 ngan black gak kan? Hehe. But dunno why recently i show interest in everythin red in colour. Red? Even my desktop theme also red in colour. perhaps because slalu marah2 je akhir2 ni kot?

[170 cm]

My height. Shows a lot of improvement these years recently. Hehe.

[60 kg]

My weight. Em..actually satisfied with it. My mom always say that i’m losing my weight?? really? i dun know. i eat as usual..(even sumtimes a lot, due to depression~!!). So u guys can kira la my BMI, to know either it’s okay or not. hehe.

[simple and sleek]

i love simplicity. sleekness. i love plain colour. dun like those corak2, bunga2 and so on (except geometrically abstractive design) i prefer design and function. take a look at my notebook~!! white in colour, simple, only 4 ports, one power jack-in, dvd, slots and so on. still retain it’s functionality although with simple design~!!

[single and available]

Gotta make it clearly. [ Single, straight, available, limited ]. Hehe. no comment on it. *status changes over time, but dont worry, it usually akan revert balik jadi yang default cam kat atas.

[chatting n messaging]

i love chatting in Yahoo Messenger. wif my frens (though x byk..), searching a new keyboard-pal..and so on. other IM client also yes, but i dun really get online often. Here is it my nicknames:

Yahoo Messenger : Leokid5075
MSN Live Messenger : Leokid5075

I do get online on mIRC, but only for downloading songs~!!

[comics and anime]

i love reading comics~!! the best one currently reading, Team Medical Dragon. Others, Naruto~!!, Eye Shield 21, Death Notes, Yakitake Japan, Midori No Hibi, Bleach, and lots more~!! Used to love – pokemon. Hehe. When i was a young kid (now big ‘kid’ =P). I miss those days battling to level up Ash in Pokemon Yellow..hak2.

[good charlotte and green day]

Loves them like hell~!! Good Charlotte — We Believe, Hold On. Green Day — Wake Me Up When Sept Ends, Macy’s Day Parade. Also, in love like hell with Avril Lavigne (Slipped Away, Nobody’s Fool), and My Chemical Romance ( I’m not okay —most favourite, Ghost of You). I love shouting out~!!!!

[operator the line is dead]

Best malaysian songs. Operator – The Line is Dead. The lyrics has a lot of sentimental value to me. Enough, dun like talking about it.

[perfect situation]

Also favourite song.

[i’m not okay]

The most related song with me. Enough, dun want talking about it.

[ice skating, skiing]

I love ice skating. It’s really fun~!! Can’t wait to go skating in Russia~!! So does Skiing, though i havent got any exp on it!! One more that quite interesting – snowboarding. Hehe. I love snow~!!

[chess and mtg]

I quite good in chess. Ave been inter-district chess player for 3 years consequently. Intec Open team ranking early 2006 – 2nd. I love strategic play. So does with MTG (Magic The Gathering). Proud with my deck, Zombies Incarnation. Black player~!! I love irritating my opponent~!! Huahaha. Its okay for losing, as long as i can see the pressure and anger in their face~!! (Loves Grothesque Hybrid..hehe)

[megaman battle network 5]

Used to play this, and dah sampai level boss pun. The i stopped just like that and turn to other games. Dun no why. Bile sampai stage boss je, automatically i’ll stop playing that game. Bukan sbb slalu kalah ke ape, but i dun noe why. hak2. game diablo II pun camtu. dah sampai final chapter dah…terus malas nak men. hehe.

[anything edible]

i eat almost everything halal. especially my mother’s cookin. here in kl, i got the chance to taste everything i like~! the claypot, japanese cuisine (i love teppanyaki, miso, dorayaki.. HATE Sushi~!!). yesterday kuar ngan famie gi times sq, have some taste of russian delight there. the gulyash, borsh, ris. Not bad actually~!! I dun have any food allergic. that’s why i eat almost everything~!! My mom said that there was a time when i was still a little kid, i accidentally ate a  ulat gonggok~!! Yurks~!! I guess that’s why now i have guts to eat everything~!!

[bored life]

i have the same routine of life. my free time activity – playing with my laptop. that’s all. in fact, i may hve only a laptop, and sufficient food n drinks to lead my life~!!

[sick of love]

yeah…i have lots of exp in this. lots of it till i get to concluded that – girls are all the same. typical. hak2.

[tired of loneliness]

also yes. i search for my soulmate all the time. once i found somebody, i thought my loneliness is over, yet it doesnt. i was dumped, and then, still searching again. being dumped is not so bad to me, as i easily going, continue my life – due to loneliness. yet the pain of being dumped, only Allah knows it. I prefer to die.

[too much depressed]

Due to the pain of being dumped. i take everything regarding to my personal, seriously. why? is it my fault? bla3.. and also, depression results in my migrain too. i frequently have migrain attack these days.. that’s why i prefer dying.

[self contempted]

i dun need frenz to lead my life. because i am self contempted. i cant deny that hving a life with lots of friends is much more happier, but i also cant deny that i hate some of my frenz. hak2. esp yang x nampak apa kebaikan yang boleh aku dpt dari dia. yang hidup takdak tujuan. buat lawak bodoh sepanjang masa. mencarut selalu. yang x abih2 kondem org lain. yes, these all are the quality of my frenz..but well, shto ya magu skazat? (what can i say?) they are all my friends, after all.


i am a pacifist. Pacifism – cintakn keamanan. I hate confronting with other people. i dont take revenge directly, but i do take revenge. nak tahu apa aku buat bila ade org cari psal dgn aku?

"Ya Allah, kau laknatkanlah sipolan2 itu dengan laknatMu. sebagaimana laknatMu ke atas orang2 yang menafikan nikmatMu. Sebagaimana laknatMu ke atas org2 yang menafikan rahmatMu ke atas orang lain. Sebagaimana mereka yang menafikan rasul2Mu. Sebagaimana mereka yang mengundang kemurkaanMu. Sesungguhnya engkau mengetahui akan kedudukanku. Maka turunkanlah cahaya hidayahMu kepaa mereka dgn cara sebagaimana yang mereka lakukan ke atas ku. Dengn sepenuh kehinaan sbagaimana mereka menghina aku. Sesungguhnya hidayah itu milikMu."

That’s all. As simple as that. I let Allah to take care of if for me. *Before anyone here get’s piss of because i use the word "laknat", please research the true meaning of the word at first.

[music obsessed]

i simply love music. All types of music. (Even black metal, as long lyric dia tak membawa ke arah kesesatan).


i am myself. i am satisfied with myself. i dun have to change myself according to what people want. kalau org tak suka aku, just get away from me, ok? aku pun kalau tak suka dgn seseorg tu, aku tak ngumpat dia. aku tak sound dia. i just get away, far from him/her. my social life prinsip : Aku tak cari pasal ngan orang lain, so aku expect orang lain jangan cari pasal dengan aku! Tapi kalau dah org tu cari pasal dgn aku, tu yang tersembur doa2 laknat dari mulut aku.


i am a rebelliance, yet independent. i dont need other people to make decision for me. opinion is okay. i dont need to follow others. i am the leader of myself. i am not a slave to anyone, except to Allah. You know what, the more i’ve been under pressure, lagi aku dipaksa, lagi aku disuruh, lagi aku tak nak buat. Hanya Allah sahaja boleh mengarah aku! That’s why sometimes i even hate myself, especially bila dalam keadaan terpaksa. sebab aku lakukan menda tu atas sebab manusia lain, di luar kemahuan aku, di luar kewajipan aku terhadap Allah.

That’s all about me. So…faham2 kan lah diri aku neyh org yg cmne..

Audentes fortuna iuvat. Fortune favours the brave

"You may stop this individual, but you can’t stop all people like me…after all, we’re all alike"


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  1. abg kid ada upload powerpoint pasal euthanasia kat tenet ke?
    sy bwat assignment pasal euthanasia… mintak kebenaran gune sedikit sebanyak info dari presentation abg ek. :)

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