HaPpY BirThDaY tO mE~!!

HuaHuaHua…iT’s MiNE~!! yeAp,My beStdAy~!!! soRry i got to post this blog quite late, its just that i only get my internet connection at my home today~!! (and..quite bad..it’s a dialup..huhu). okeh2..first of all, let me wish myself first~!!

Dear Kid,

hAppY biRthdAy KiD…as MysElf, i would love to remind you again, that you’re a year older than before. Another year has gone.. I know you would be so proud of this year because lots of good things kept happening to you. Here i list up what achievements you have for the past year, the 17th year of your life:

10A’s in SPM Trial~!! That’s good, kid~!!. Then, you done your SPM in December…okay.. gone through the INTEL ISEF selection, though not lucky enough to be selected but surely had provided you with lots of experiences. Then got selected to the Russian Medical Preparatory Program.. Hmm.. got your B class driving license, which is also good.. then the SPM Result came out and you strike it with flying colours~!! (I’m so proud of you, kid~!!). You enjoy ur life in Shah Alam very well, mingled and minced with all sorts of human, all types of friends you have.. and finally, you’re a month away from Russia~!!

I couldnt say much to you kid, (as you are myself~!!), but i just wanna remind you that life has its up and down.. You might be proud of yourself for the past year but remember, among the most sad, most hurting events  also occurs in the 17th year of your life~!! So, just believe that Allah is just and fair. He knows you sacrificed a lot, He knows you’d been hurted a lot, and He knows everything, thats why He gave you all the success you could have. It’s fair, isn’t it?

So, for all the things that hurted and kept hurting you, just ignore her it. She It will be paid by Allah Himself.

Hmmph~!! I wish you all the best for the next year, the Year of Challenges, kid~!!

You Yourself, Me Myself

Mohd Syamirulah Rahim

OK~!! Done wishing to myself. Hihi. Yeap, i do it every year, wishing myself happy birthday. Well, i rarely got wishes for the past years birthdays, but i dun knoe why this years i got quite a lot of msgs, testimonials and wishes from all my friends (even some from whom i didnt know?!). Well, guys, sorry i couldnt reply to all your sms’s and wishes but i just want all of you to know that i am totally grateful~!! Thanx~!!

So, how do i celebrated myself this year? Well, to be honest, my family didnt wish myself at all.. (They didnt even notice it, actually). Actually, it’s okay for me. I was not hoping to be celebrated by anybody. I know this year has been quite a busy year for them, lots of money going out, busy and busy of working, i believe that these all are making enough senses to distract my birthdate out of their mind.

I celebrated myself with a nice, tranquilize evening lunch~!! I got on my bike, ride to the Restoran Terapung Tasik Pengkalan Hulu, and got a nice set of chicken chop and fresh oranges juice, eating and chewing slowly as my mind reminisced my memories, my past year..

It’s very tranquilizing, and i can say that 18th is my most peaceful birthday i have ever had.

So what’s up? I’m EIGHTEEN~!! YeeHaWW~!!

Erp..wait~! What am i cheering for? I dun know.. I just feel happy. Happy to get permission from Allah to live until this second, this 18th years of my life..

18. Am i matured enuf as an 18th? should i be more matured? or am i too matured for my (new) age?

I dun know…i just wanna be myself. That’s all.

(Can’t wait to fly~!! Russia~!! Oh God, how i wish to go there a.s.a.p to forget everything i have ever done here, to forget them all~!!)

Finally, again, Happy Birthday Mohd Syamirulah. May Allah bless you (me) always.


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