fLyiNg wiThoUT wINgS~!!

And today, 30th August 2006, is my last day here in INTEC UiTM. The last class. Can’t believe 8 month of preparatory program has just ended. I seems like yesterday i writing post about my first night here in Kolej Cemara, and now , the reality is, it is my last night here. And at this time, 0430Hrs, i’m still waking up, unasleep, because i want to enjoy each, and every single last moment i could ever have here. I know, that such momento that i would never be able to get it from anywhere else, whether in Malaysia, Russia nor any place on the Earth.

And this morning, we have our gathering with MARA (finally~!!). Basically because the agreement and contract that we ought to bring home to be signed by our parents. But, that’s not the main event. The real thing that all of us have been waiting is, the placement.

Moscow Medical Academy. Russian State Medical University. Volgograd State Medical University. Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical University. — These 4 univs are the candidates. We will be going into one of it. And it is believed that Pn.Munirah from MARA will announce it this morning.

As from my point of view, i surely hope for the NNSMU. Although MMA is said to be the best, Volgograd is the safest and so on, my heart still belongs to NNSMU. Maybe it’s first-sight-first-heard love. =p.

So, perhaps this is the sequel of my journey.

This morning, 1000Hrs = Meeting with MARA, get placement and documents of agreement. 2000Hrs = Go back pengkalan hulu, spend the national holiday with beloved family.

4th Sept (insyaAllah) = Gathering with MARA again, collect money.

5th – 10th Sept = Cooking course, (instructor: my mom)

11th – 13th (perhaps not) = Flying date to MMA, RSMU

21st – 23rd (hopefully) = Flying date to Volgo, NNSMU

1st October = Academic Year for International Students begins in NNSMU and Volgo.

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