ProUd tO bE a NizHniAn~!!

Nizhniy Novgorod State Medical Academy (NNSMA)

Finally the placement. Just like what i wanted! And to my favor, there aren’t many there, only a small number of 6 among my friends will be my colleages there. Daus, Farah, Farehah, Anna, Izyan and me myself~!! As in my opinion, 6 people is just so perfect in a study group, in a one, happy ‘family’. We could travel together, be together in one class, and i’m so sure we’re going to get much closer in no time.

The flying date is on 25th September at 2310Hrs, KLIA. Luckily the date is a day after muslim’s fasting. Got the chance to fast in Malaysia, at least for a day. Huhu..

That means, there’s only 3 weeks left to be spend with my family. Got lotsa plan to do, such as going for holiday, visiting my old school and colleges, and my family even had planned a 2nd ‘kenduri’ for my own!! Hohoho…except for this time, located in AS. I’ll announce the date later on, so all of my friends/teachers are most welcomed!!

I hope i got another chance of posting in my blog before i fly, but if this is my last chance, then i ought to thank everyone reading my Leokid’s Life, as well as those who commenting. I might not be online quite long in time, in order to suite myself and to find an internet connection there in nizhniy novgorod. I’d promise to tell and story about my early life in Russia as soon as i can, of how i miss my beautiful, independence Malaysia!!


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