Writing here from Pengkalan Hulu, Perak, 10th Sept 2006 1330Hrs. Weather: Hot and humid. Mood: Blurry

It’s just another fortnight away. Hurm…dunno what’s going on in my mind ryt now. Quite in a blurry condition.

But i found myself changed. A lot. Maybe my spontaneous mental preparation towards a new condition and environment in future. I changed a lot recently. Physically, i eat much more,maybe knowing that i might not have any taste of malaysian delight for quite a long time later..huhu. As for my mom, she cooks A LOT. Dare to say that every meal i have is a special one. For instance, today lunch we’re going to have ‘ketam masak lemak’. I dun noe whether ketam is served in nizhniy or not. lol.

that’s about physical changes. hm…not much actually. but my emotion and personality had also changed a lot. Here, i want to apologize a LOT to all my friends. I know u all have been trying a lot to contact me, sending me sms, miscalled, email, buzz me in the ym and so on, and i dun reply them~!! huhu. It’s not that i have forgotten all of you, (no and never, insyaAllah). But i have this kind of feeling in my mind. “It is better for me to disappear in other people’s mind, slowly, eventually, rather than a lot of people around me crying for me”. And it is also easier for me to bear this kind of hard-sad-feeling, for leaving Malaysia..

Chidori-chan, rosyanti, adib, faiz, rohini, i dun noe who else.. Sorry for ignoring you all~!! Never forget you!

Last week got money from mara. Rm14k. Wow~!! First time in my life i ever holding that sum of money! Real money~!! Haha. Hmm, i took out a total of rm1.5k to buy a mp3 player and a digicam~!! =>

got to go now, my lunch is ready. will find a time to write again b4 i fly. thanx for reading.luv malaysia so much~!!


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