FiRsT wAvE~!!

Wargh~!! What a tired day~!! Been rushing to and fro kuala lumpur, in two days~!! Hak2. Well, it’s an enjoyable experience, and to me, personally, it was a sweet memory which i could never ever forget in my whole life.

Yesterday (13th Sept) was the flying date for MARA-sponsored students to Moscow. It was not an exceptional for me to go to the KLIA, be among the parents, relatives and friends waving goodbye towards them. Well, i can say that the purposes of my short trip to KLIA was a double-crossed fork. My main intention is to see and understand the procedures, what to bring etc2. Huhu, actually that’s the second intention. My main intention, main purpose is, to be there by ‘her’ side, and being with her at her special moment was indeed an unforgettable moments.

Here’s the chronology of my journey. 13th Sept, 1000Hrs i took an express bus here from Pengkalan Hulu, heading towards Kuala Lumpur. Arrived there about 3pm, i took a shuttle to KLIA, and i lepak2 at KLIA since 1700Hrs. I wasnt quite bored, enjoying the free WiFi KLIA services which had started recently.

And only about 1930Hrs, miss penny, dr.yamin and ms.roline turn up at the airport, with farrah and her family. And soon, the crowd started to gather..

About 2030Hrs, MARA Officer en.fairul rafiq came and started distributing their passports, tickets and visas. 2100Hrs, they checked in, and 2200Hrs they started to gather at the departing hall. Their flight took off at 2350Hrs.

While for me, i went back to Concorde Hotel at 2230Hrs. Have quite an unwell sleep (huhu)….woke up early dis morning, took ERL back to Kuala Lumpur and again, express bus back to my hometown.

generally, it was quite a touching event. memorable. tears coming down by the mother’s cheek, and the cries of the little kids wont let go off their hands from the brother and sister and so on. it was very touching.

my time will come soon. and i hope by that time i’m ready.


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