Fortnight in Nizhniy~!!

Finally got the chances to update my blog, and to check my email after a week without internet connection~!! See~!! I told u before internet here is quite expensive..huhu.. But what else could i hava done? It’s been part of my life is i was born~!! Hehe.

Huh, without realizing it, it’s already been a fortnight i’m here in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia~!! Fortnight has gone so fast, and yet it’s 0.5% of my whole life 6 years in Russia. hehe. Hey, 0.5% it’s a big percentage, that have gone without me realizing it. I believe the next 95.5% will be very fast, and at the moment i’m enjoying the finale, i’ll realize how fast time would passed by~!!

They said that the early time of changes will be the most difficult moments, which from my point of view is absolutely true. This 2 weeks time really challenging, as my body trying to adapt with the climate (currently having flu and running nose..huhu..), a lot of money goes out, plus some injury (of getting one of my finger accidentally misplaced on the hot plate~!! Hehe).

The climate: it’s getting colder here~!! Night could fall even till -3 degrees and temperature in the afternoon could go only as far as 10 degrees. The night is so cold that in the morning, you could see the grasses and leaves are all covered with frost! If i used to wear my autumn jacket during the arrival here to get warmed, now i need my 1200rb so called ‘Puma’ winterjacket to get myself comfort. Hak2.

First experience of anatomy class would be among the worst experience in my life. Or to be exact, the first encounter with the preparates. Preparates = caedevour = corpse = human dead body = mayat. Huhu. Yeah, for God’s sake, it’s damn real. As our class move onto the next topic: muscles, we will be keeping in touch with ‘him’ which we call as ‘S2’. Hehe. S2 is a male, old used-to-be human. With top of head is removed, and both legs and arms also removed, ‘he’ surely would be a great teaching apparatus for lecturers. I can see that from the face of my lecture, Dr.Andrei, who seems to be so happy poking and grabbing S2 without any sense of humanity (or ‘corpse-nity’?)

Starting to gather friends here. My classmates; consist of 6 person equally divided. Well, i dont know why she’s stuck with me, but its seems that izyan cant part with me~!! (?!) Haha..just kidding la. She’s the only one in my classmates which i have knew earlier, from intec too. Big-mouthed, big-appetite, is merely an obvious trademark for her. But dunno why she’s so quiet in Dmitriy’s History of Medicine and Philosophy class. (Even being labeled as super-introvert~!). Perhaps lack of intellectual knowledge to ‘gebang’ about?

The super-extrovert : Ashwini. Free hair girl from Tunku Kurshiah, seems to be very direct-extrovert person. Always trying to messed up with me~!! Seems like she’s enjoying criticising about me, about my hair, my walking style, my clothes, even my jerawat~!! Hey, enough for me having a mom in malaysia, so stop pretending to be the another one~!!

And for Gopinat and Sanjeev, the ‘twin’ private-budget students. As well as Kanita, they started to know each other since 2 years ago. And to my suprise, they’re all first-year leftout from ukraine, in medical degree. So generally, their knowledge is beyond ours. It’s very good, actually, because anything that we couldnt under, we just ask them. Hehe.

There you go, something about my life here in Nizhniy for the first 2 weeks. Generally, i would say that being in Nizhniy is much better from my expectations. Choosing nizhniy as a place of medical study means choosing a simple, bounded boring yet challenging life. It’s up to you whether u want to lead a simple life of going back and forth to Semashka building for classes, study and sleep at night, or to explore and enjoy while studying. It’s up to you~!! Honestly, i feel very good living in nizhniy, and really satisfied with my choice~!!


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