Kesejukan menggamit~!!

Assalamualaikum, Zdravtsvuytye~!!


Damn its getting colder down here!! The forecast was taken from Yahoo! Weather at 1600Hrs. Can you imagine what would it be during midnight??
Just now went to electrical shop El Dorado and bought a nice big heat radiator worths 2300rb!! Our built in building radiator dont work well!!

Today’s bored. All i do is spending most of my time lying on the bed (yeah, the coldness surely promote much intention of sleeping and relaxing..hehe), and also doing such senseless nonseless task of finding all 5th year seniors and asking for their signatures!! What?? Are we looked as a middle, secondary students?? Hey, we are university students!! ‘Mahasiswa’. Of an abroad university! Of medical faculty!! And going to be doctors? And yet they asked to do such thing? So unprofessional! So childish! However, gotta fulfill their wish too, since how can we live here without the seniors, right? Hehe..

Yesterday was a very ‘delicious’ day. hehe. Because we’re having Ayam Masak Merah as our lauk of buka puasa. And furthermore, it’s being cook buy ourselve! Although being the first time cooking such dish, alas, it tastes good!!


Here are some pics for u guys~!!


Mosque of Nizhniy Novgorod. Soo cute~!!


Maskovskiy Vakzal = Shopping Paradise.


Inside Respublika = Elite Shopping Centre, soo expensive~!!


Playing with frog skin, mosquito larvae…


REAL hand~!! With flesh fingers…

Till next time~!! See ya!!

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