It’s snowing cats and dogs~!!

It’s snowing cats and dogs~!!It’s cold~!! It’s white~!! It’s a snow~!!

Hehe. Today ‘s a great day. We were having our usrah moment : buka puasa in IKEAÀ!! Hak2. So ironic isnt it? Tonight is the final ramadhan yet we’re enjoying ourselve having a taste of arabic food and glancing through the racks of IKEA, Mega and Ashan  ‘Super+Hyper market’~!! Well, at least we’ve learnt about what kind of halal foods, and also the method of praying without being considered as weirdo by the russians~!!

Dsc00350 Dsc00366_1

And to my suprise, as we’re going back to our hostel, it’s snowing cats and dogs~!! According to Yahoo Weather (which i checked later) it’s just ‘Light Snow’ but for me, snow is a snow no matter what, yet it could be much heavier than this?? However, the ‘light snow’ is surely romantic. Being outside for a moment is enough for the snow to accumulate in my head and it’s so cute~!!

Dsc00383_1 Dsc00390_1

And just now, we’re going to Diwali Open House organized by Malaysian Indian’s Asscociation. Although late, and the food was already cold, their hospitality and greetings were surely warming up the condition~!! It’s a long time since my last malaysian food…hehe. (That chappati was very delicious, along with the dhal~!)


Speaking of celebrations, in russia the Eid-ul Fitr will be celebrated on Monday~!! And speaking of Monday, i can’t get any classes skipped~!! Meaning, i will celebrate the Hari Raya fully in my class~!! Huhu~!! There are (some of my friends including daus, my roomate)  got permission to skip their classes this monday. My group, however, have Anatomy Test, Latin Test and Physics Test on that day~!! There’s no way getting skipped of it!! What a luck~!!

Well, guess that i’ll only celebrated it on tuesday, though. Huhu. Some of my friends planning of wearing fully-suite of baju kurung and baju melayu this monday (although they have classes) but i think better not for me. It’s just getting another point for the russian to assume us as the weirdo..huhu.

Raya…it’s just a celebration. The way to celebrated it depends on the situation. No matter how, raya is still a  raya and for me, to celebrate it is not a necessary to enjoy it. As long as i have the spirit of syawal in my mind, it’s enough~!!

*Iklan ni betul2 wat aku homesick…huhu..

Iklan Raya Petronas 2006

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