eveRythiNg’S sO bLUrrY~!!

finally got some moods to write another entry. huhu.. dunno why for the past one week i dun really have any mood to update my blog. also, in a quite emotionally-stressed state, as for whatever i did..


hhmmm….dunno. in blurry condition. is it because my anatomy test? well, i got only 9 out of 15 question, so i have to repeat. and the repeat test is tomorrow. still dun get any mood to study. perhaps after i write this post.

is it because of other test? russian language got 4.5 that day (if izyan doesnt get better mark than me, my mark would be 5~!!). and as for physics test…i think i’ve done my best that day.

so..it shouldnt be the test. it must be something else. what else could make me moody like this?

my girl? huhu..yes i know between us there’s a gap, a constrain. and i dunno why but i think the gap is widening. is it? at first she’s always busy..and now i’m always busy too. busy + busy = (busy)^2. i dunno whether she’s really busy or not, but i believe in her. should i? based on my experience, i should never ever. but i do. i believe in her. why? because she said that she believes in me too? is it?

again blurry condition. actually lots of things happen in this week that i wanna share in my blog, but this kind of mood is kept restraining my ability from blogging. what should i do?


Nearly being blown by the strong wind..

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