ke’tension’an melanda~!!

Huhu…it’s been a long time before i get the mood writing this post. well, actually, dun really have any free time…bz n bz n bz..

bee zee of what? well, studying. every week here is not complete without any test/zachot, on any subject~!! Here’s the list for tests along this week and for the next.

  • Last Week, Monday

Anatomy – Preparates test for Vertebrae, Trunks and Abdominal Muscles – FAILED

Physics – Integration and Differentiation

  • Last week, Friday

Chemistry – Stoichiometry, Titration, RedOx Equation

  • This week, Today

Biology – DNA and Genetics – Passed with not enough marks

  • This week, Tomorrow

Russian Language – Parts of body, skeleton

  • Next week, Monday

Anatomy – Preparates test on Skull

Latin Language – Nouns, Declensions, 20 lexical minimums.

Physics – Statistics and Probabilities

  • Next week, Thursday

Anatomy – Written test and Computer test on Vertebrae, Trunks and Abdominal Muscles

Blargkh~!! Loads and loads of information is being forced into my knuckle-size brain. Pray 4 my success yea???

Just now i attended the meeting of Rector and International Students. So tired. Wasting about 2 hours in the hall listening to him speaking russian with me only able to identify several words that came out of his mouth.

The winter has just begun. The surrounding are all white in colour. When you walk, it feels like as if you’re walking at the seashore. Except that the materials which you stepped on arent sandy beach, but white, frosty ‘gebu’ snow. It’s only for about a week of snowing, yet i’ve already bored with winter~!! Cant wait for next weekend (after most of my tests!) planning to go skating~!! But before that i might want to buy a pair of skating shoes first? Or should i just go in advance buying snowboard?? hehe. that’s what i love in winter~!! the only type of sports i interested in – wintersports~!!

current on a saving, tight budget. Planning to go to paris this winter holiday. 500usd seems not enough..huhu..


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