Study Mode – Head n Neck Test on Preparates


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    Huwargh~!! foramen zygomaticoorbitale – protuberantia mentalis – fossa supraclavicularis major – sutura palatomaxillary – musculus corrugator supercilii – synchondrosis sphenoethmoidalis – ligamentum stylomandibulare – membrana atlantooccipitalis posterior – geniculum canalis nervi facialis – sulcus prechiasmaticus – protuberantia occipitalis interna – fossa glandulae lacrimalis

Hey~!! It’s not even half a pages of things that i need to memorize for the anatomy preparate test! Can you imagine it? I have FIVE pages of these lists of names, and i have to memorize the English names, the Latin names, the EXACT location on the preparates, and all the supplementary information which relevant~!! Arghhh~!!

    Let me tell you how the test will be running. It’s not a written test, never a multiple-choice question. It’s ORALLY. Firstly, you get to pick a piece of card (called ticket) randomly, which contains 15 items. Then, in front of your lecturer, you will have to pin-point each and every single item in the list, on the preparates! It’s either you get it right, or you got it wrong. No half-marks. No guessing. No ‘tembak-tembak’. And if you get it right below 9, then you have to repeat. Means, you have to do it all over again in the next class!

    It’s only a part of 3 anatomy test. Anatomic evaluation consists of 3 part, which is Preparates Test, Written Test, and Computer Test. Written test will be much tougher, where you have to provide every single details about the question. While Computer Test is not really difficult but can be really ‘menyusahkan’. To worsen it, believe it or not, my Anatomy Lecturer Andrei Viyacheslavich is not really a simple person. He has those heartless look, with absolutely no humor sense and in fact, he seems like doesn’t have any feelings at all!

    On the other hand, i really LOVE my Chemistry lecturer. Madam Irina Vladimirovna. She is very easy to please~!! And with the right techniques and method to please her, it means a ticket to get full mark in test~!! As for me, i experienced this last week, where we supposed to have Thermo-chemical Reaction and Reactions Calculation Test  (which is quite difficult). As I’m doing the test in the classroom, she approached me and ask me to do her a favor – installing bluetooth mouse on the head of department’s PC. Being a IT-literated student, i agree with no much argument. After finish installing the mouse, we returned to the classroom where she asked me to give my answer paper. I said to her that i haven’t finished answering, but she insisted me to give it.     As i gave her the answer sheet, she instantly wrote 5 (piat = full mark) on the paper without even having a glance of what i’ve wrote~!! My friends and i were shocked at the moment, and gave her such a suspicious look. Well, she just replied "You deserved it." What a lucky day i have~!!

    I told the stories to my seniors, and they said that i am very lucky to have Irina Vladimirovna as my Chemistry lecturer. The other student kinda don’t like her very much, because it is said that she often being unfair to other students. Students from her group (class) will pass exams easily. As for the others, she will try to make their life harder. That’s why i am lucky to have her as my lecturer. Syukur Alhamdulillah…

    About my winter holiday, I’ve finally made up my mind. I will spend my whole winter holiday in my hometown, MALAYSIA~!! Miahaha~!! It’s been decided. I will take the final exams earlier, so that my holiday will begin at 5th January. Spend a week in Moscow (sightseeing), then on 13th January i will take the Pakistan Airlines to go to Karachi first, and then maybe transit there for 1 day, and continue my flight to KLIA. Then spend about a month in Malaysia, before returning to Moscow on the 5th February. The cost? PIA (Pakistan Airline) is the cheapest with 660USD return air ticket. How easy~!!

France? Well, i’m planning to go there this summer holiday. It’s better that way. After these winter holiday, i will start saving money so that i could really enjoy having fun in Paris~!! Paris, wait for me~!!!

    Ok2, got to sleep right now. I think i’m prepared for tomorrow’s test. Pray for me~!! Huhu. InsyaAllah, I’ll do the best i can. Go~!! Go~!! Chayok Kid~!!


5 thoughts on “Study Mode – Head n Neck Test on Preparates

  1. ahahahha dude i know exctly how u feel.hahhaha

    but nah anat best lecture is soooooo diff from siot.n lawak.n he doesnt look serious at all.but nah he is so pandai.u may see him as this wacko jacko but when u do oral test wit him although nampak dier wat keja lain talk to others n etc but then suddenly he ask u to stop n give u 3 r 2.hahhaha he actually listening.ho ho ho

    cis x aci dapat lecture chem cam tu!x aci!x aci!

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