i’M noT goInG hoMe~!! iN faCt, i’M nOt goiNg aNywHeRe~!!!

Hoho…a series of tragic events kept occurring recently, which have dispersed my planned n intention for this winter holiday~!!

first of all…the bureaucracy problem. the common, same problem for each and every governmental system in the world, n yet again i face it here in the land of Russia. I dunno whether the higher educational system hierarchy here is same in malaysia or not, but as for russian, under my faculty (FOIS – Faculty of International Students), there are 1 Dean and 3 Vice Deans. The Dean himself is responsible only for administrating and management as well as external and diplomatic issues, while the other 3 vice deans are the one who responsible for the students affair, education n so on, as well as for this winter holiday~!!

and as for this winter holiday, according to the normal academic year schedule, it should start at 20th January 07. And i stand firmly that i am not going back home if it’s flight is later than 15th January (because it ain’t worth it to spend 660USD for a 2 weeks relaxing at home). If i want to start my holiday earlier personally, i have to do the chemistry final exam earlier~!! So i asked my chemistry lecturer, whether i can sit for the examination earlier, and with some sort of ‘bodek-bodek’ element (i told u in my previous posts she’s really easy to be pleased~!!), she said that i can do the examination whenever i want, as early as this 25th December! Plus, she said that she even going to provide me with the question a week earlier than the examination~!! Hehe. But special requirement for me to sit for the examination earlier is, i have to get the permission from the dean’s office.

So, i went and meet Irina Mihailovna, who is my 1st Vice Deans, as well as my biology lecturer. I asked her for the permission to do the exam earlier, and she said it is possible, except that i have to settle down all my zachot (credit test) for each subjects so that i’ll be given the stamp mark from the dean’s office to acknowledge me that i’m allowed to sit for the exam. Then i look at my biology class schedule, to find out that my zachot for biology is scheduled on 18th of January~!! W.T.f!@@! So i met her again (my biology lecturer, a.k.a vice dean), to ask permission to do the zachot earlier. And to my surprise, she didnt want to give that permission~!! She said that each class have a new topic, so i cannot be able to skip any class and sit for the zachot earlier as i have to attend all classes and cover up all topics!!

There goes my bureaucracy problem. If this vice dean wont give me the permission, i resorted to the second vice dean – the microbiology lecturer, INTERNATIONAL student vice dean yet doestn know how to speak english. I approach her with two request – to do the examination earlier, and to do the examination without having to complete my zachot. And yet, after quite long debating in russian, after several phone calls she made to whom i dont know, she simply concluded that -First Year Students are not allowed to take the examination earlier~!! wTF!~!@!@@#
The reason she gave is that we, the first year student, started the academic semester a month late from the others, therefor we are not allowed to end it earlier.

So i planned to wait till next week so that i’ll meet Irina Mihailovna again and discuss this matter in depth. I also postponed my trip to moscow to buy the flight ticket, twice due to this. My maybank account is already filled with rm2800 for the flight ticket, given by my father.

Up until last night, Husni came to me and show me the proposal of Islamic Medical Symposium. Somewhat i quite interested in it! The symposium, which will be attended by quite a number of famous ‘celebrities’ such as Dr.Latiff (Cardiologist HUKM, President of Islamic Medical Association Malaysia), the two astronauts – Dr. Sheikh and Dr. Faiz, the head of dentistry department HUSM, a doctor from Qatar, the President of FIMA n so on! The topics covered up by the symposium also are quite interesting, such as medical fiqh, space medicine, Boundaries of Medical Aid etakdali. The symposium is planned to be held on 31st January and 1st February in Malaysian Embassy, Russia. Meaning, i have to make a decision here – either to go back to malaysia or to attend the symposium.

The night, i thought about it a lot of time – i really want to go to the symposium, but i also want to go home. It’s not that i missed home so much and got homesick, but thinking of my father and mother willing to support me going back home, indicates that they missed me so much. We’re not a rich family, and being able to provide me hard-to-get-rm2800 instantly without doubt surely show that they really want to see me. I don’t want to abandon their hope.

Then i made my mind – i will not going home, instead i will be going somewhere to europe, then by the end of january return to moscow, attend the symposium. Plus, i already have that rm2800 in my account and another 500USD january allowance, which is definitely enough for a week vacation in europe. However, last night, was  the last day of Aeroflot cheap fare promotion, so i instantly booked a return flight ticket from Moscow to Berlin~!! And i was planning that this morning i’ll go to Aerofloat Gorkava’s Branch to issue it. Well, this plan is dependent on the permission gave my father.

So, this morning, i woke up early and rang my father. the conversation was some-sort like this.
Firstly, i told him that i am unable to return home for the winter holiday because i’m attending that symposium. (I didnt told that i’m planning to go to europe before that!)
Then, he said that it’s okay. "Oh, kalau hang taknak balik takpa la camtu. Boleh abah bayar balik duit tu kat orang. Abah pun pinjam duit orang ja. Duit rm500 mak hang pun nak guna jugak"
At that time, for a moment, some sort of feeling swifted through my heart. I was quite touched. My eyes were filled with tears, yet i kept it from flowing out.

For me to going back home, perhaps they think that i’m seriously homesick, they even willing to borrow money from their friends to support my flight fare! Yet i’m planning to spend the money, which were originated from the mortgage of their dignity, to enjoy myself in europe??!! What kind of son am i?? The plan of vacation vanished immediately. "Em, elok gak camtu. Syam pun boleh lepak kat sini ja cuti ni. Tak pun jalan-jalan kat moscow ja. Bulan depan mara masuk duit, so abah ngan mak tak payah bagi duit dah."

My father – a professional – being the Perak State Deputy Director of Immigration, he surely have some kind of respected view from his subordinate. He is the boss of the Pengkalan Hulu – Thailand border. He have a lot of professional friends, ranging from tokey kedai mamak, the mayor of Betong Thailand, even Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat – Ministry of Home Affair was his best friend when they were young! Yet he dare to put his professionalism and dignity into ante as he willing to borrow the rm2000 to support my flight fare – it made me realized that being a responsible father is far better than being ‘somebody’s’ friend.

So, i decided. I will not going home. I will also not spending my vacation in europe. I will only rest, hibernating here in nizhniy, until the end of January where i’ll go to moscow and attend the symposium. Then from that symposium, i’ll spend another 3-4 days (depending on my budget) to have a sightseeing in moscow. I believe that’s the best for me. How do i know? Because that’s the decision that tranquilizes me!


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