с новым годом~!!

C Новым Годом~!!!
It means….happy new year!

Another year has passed, and yet it feels like it was yesterday when i started dreaming of being able to play and submerge beneath the deep snow! And to my unconsciousness, i’m now able to do so! Hehe.

First of all, i am very sorry for not updating this blog for quite a long time. Well, u see, things are getting very difficult as the time passes. Only now, the beginning of 10-days New Year Holiday, i’m able to spare my free time to keep this blog updated. Busy, yes, very busy. Each week i have tests, each week with tonnes of assignments, homeworks, new materials, and also new projects.

New projects? What’s that? Hehe. I’m emerging to a professional-career-like life. Right now, there are several projects that i’m handling. One of them would involve my position in IMAMRSC.com. Being approved as the webmaster of http://www.imamrsc.com and being among the top committee of Persatuan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia, IMAM), Russian Students Chapter, had granted me with a load of responsibilites. However, thanks to my subordinates, with support from the administrative part, i’m proud with this website.

Another subliminal projects – not quite important, others may see it as unnecessary, but i love it! Yes, it means literally, I love IT~!! IT? Yeah, my hamster! Hehe. Spending about 500rubles having a hammie as a pet, is quite good actually. Believe me or not, though i’ve been a hamster keeper for about 2 weeks, i’m still thinking about the name of my new pet!

Only 3 days apart. From the new year. New year, means another year has passed. Everything’s older by a year. So as me. Really couldn’t believe that time goes by so quick~!!! With this kind of speed, i’m pretty sure that 6 years in Russian will gone, as if it was a day! Miahaha~!! I pray to Allah so that He grant me a superb physical fitness, a fantastic mental capabilities, loyal friends, easy yet challenging life. InshaAllah..

Being in Russia – though only for 3 months, had taught me a lot of things. I learn about responsibilities much more than those time when i served as a BWP. I learn about quality of life much more than those time when i lead my life peacefully in Malaysia. I learn about trustworthy in love much more than those time when i fell in love for the first time. If somebody would ask me, what kind of 2006 has been to me? I will tell that, 2006 – It’s the year of unforgettable experiences, and  valuable knowledge.

==================[ II PART ]

Now, about my current life. I’m quite having troubles right here. Huhu. Not trouble s with myself, actually. But troubles with people surrounds me. I dun noe what’s their problem with me, but it seems like they’re always trying to mess up things with me. For example, one of my groupmates. Acting as though she was trained to be leader, trying to argue with my leadership, questioning me about  abstract value and ‘perkara ghaib’ as nawaitu, ikhlas n so on. She’s questioning whether me being the group leader, doing job sincerely (ikhlas) or not. Hey, if u really that kind of ‘ikhlas’, you would be ikhlas in having Islam as ur deen, by wearing a hijab! U argue with what Allah have decided, yet u questioned about my leadership? You’re spitting towards the atmosphere la, shame on you! (nice proverb, eh? hehe)

Another troublesome person – my roommate. I think he was born with laziness la… And also i think he used to depend on everyone, for everything! Imagine, it’s only me doing the cooking for the whole week! And as for he? He’s doing nothing. Not even washing the dishes and pans! What is he expecting? Me doing all the things, cooking, washing dishes, buying food and so on? Yes, buying food too! It’s always being me! He submerged into some kind of ‘chicken business’, yet when our room ran out of chicken, it’s me who paid for the chickens and carried them, all on my own, back to our room! And when our room ran out of rice (beras), all he does just to buy a loaf of bread, to feed on his own stomach?? And then it goes for me to go to the produkti in the cold weather, to buy a packet of beras, which is sufficient for both of us! What do you think? Of what role is he playing? He, when came back from the class, ate whatsoever i’ve cooked, n then started to lay on the bed sleeping~!! And during the midnight only he’ll wake up and start studying, making a lot of noises, pavtarit materials, using the lamp disturbing my tight sleep!! URGHH~!! I’ve never ran into this kind of roommate before. Chip in INTEC was MUCH better than he is. Jimmy in MRSM also much more better, much entertaining, at least. So does Ustaz. And Nik Fahmi. And others. They’re all much better than this time! There goes another challenge for me in this cold, snowy land….huhu…God, give me strength!

All sort of my surrounding problem, actually goes back to me. I’m a kind of person who don’t really like messing up with people. I’m just a defensive person. Some sort of that. It’s been years since my last aggressive stances. I dun like being angry. I dun like hating others. For me, its a non-profitable attitude – hatred. But when the conditions get worse, like this, what should i do? When i lost my first-level temper on something/one, i just mencarut2 and almost all the worst words in the world would come out of my mouth! That’s my first level temper. If i lost my 2nd level temper, like i did when i was in fifth form, i slapped somebody. Also, punched him on the stomach. and spitted on his face. So far in my life, i’d only lost my 3rd level temper when i was in primary school. To beat up my ‘enemy’ at that time till he couldnt stand. And i nearly lose my title as Ketua Pengawas that time. Luckily it’s that title which backs me up.

I hate to hate somebody. So please don’t make me hate anybody. You can hate me as much as you want, but believe me, you’ll never want me to lose my temper on you. Not even the first level of temper.

So, i have a question – how to get rid of somebody, which is useless yet troublesome, out of your life, without killing him/her??

There goes the words in my mind.

Executing delete command. Deleting from memory. Items deleted. A backup has been created in Leokid’s Life Friendster Blog.

==================================================[ III PART ]

Committee member – with Dato’ Khalis, Duta Besar Malaysia ke Moscow.


At an art exhibition show in Nizhniy.


With a Russian Hero. Err..actually at the Russian Heroes Monument.


And now…the Russian’s Heroins~!! Hehe.


Anyway, 2006, thanx a lot! You have been a great year! However, hoping that 2007 will be better than you. With a lot more achievements to be made!

To All,
Welcome to a new year!


One thought on “с новым годом~!!

  1. haha good to hear that at least u praise cip.haha he deserves it,bcs from the beginning of our life at intec,he kept saying that he respects u.wanna know why?ask him

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