I looooove skating~!! Especially in Russia~!!

    Hoho…just what i expected. Skating in Russia – much, much better than spending rm15 at the sunway pyramid’s skating ring. Miahaha~!! And it feels much better with my very own 900rb skating shoes~!!
    Can you imagine, the whole stadium is a skating ring~!! Including the 400m track, all covered with frosty non-melting ice, very firm and so suitable for skating~!! Huahuahua. Here i can show off all my techniques without being slipped and getting my clothes wet. I will have an infinite level of improvements in skating skills here. Just now, i began to learn how to T-Brake, Reverse Backward Movements, Spinning Brake and so on.
    Heheh, can’t wait till i’m 6 years here. By then i must be a legend compared to Malaysian ice-skaters….muahahaha~!!



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