Aku dan kamu!

May the blessing of Allah begins this post..

It’s been such a long time i didnt wrote any of my post in english. Thus, pardon me wif my english competency, ok? I know it’s rusty and full of dust, but i’ll try my best this one. Hehe.

My life is getting busier nowadays. A lot hell busier. Take last week, for example. Last monday got the Final Exam on Clinical Terminology, and tuesday i got russian language test, wednesday supposedly had Genetic on Biology but it was cancelled at the last minutes, and friday got the Anatomy Digestive System test…huhu…

It’s less than a month for my exam to begin, am scheduled for the first exam, Medical Physics on 16th June. Followed by biology, latin and finally chemistry, 28th of jun.

Here is my updated flight plan. I will take a plane here from Nizhny to Moscow by Siberian Air (S7) 9pm 5th July. Then wait there at the Domodevo Airport, before boarding for my next plane on 2.25am, going to Doha. Scheduled to arrive there at 6.30am doha, i will transit there for almost 14 hours…. n then my plane going to KLIA is scheduled at 20.30, and will be arriving at KL 9.10am 7th july….yay~!!

Got so many plans to work out this holiday. Gotta spend few days on the official Sunathon handled by IMAM (Islamic Medical Associations of Malaysia) which will be a series of tours starting from Johor Bharu @ Kluang, ending in Tioman, and also being one of the committee of the IMAM-RSC (Russia Students Chapter) Symposium, i have to spend several days at Kota Bharu. Huhu.

And also, have to spare my time to visit maktab, as well as Intec too. Apart from all these, gotta spend it with my family, though~ haha.


I miss my life before. My life in mrsm. I miss everyone’s there. Just now i’ve added one really important person in my friends list, and the memories of mrsm kept reminiscing themselves as i glanced through her profile. Huhu. A lot of things happen in mrsm, things that eventually shaping and molding me to the current Mohd Syamirulah Rahim.

I miss my friends. We had a group, in which we called each other by names of characters from the anime Naruto. Me for instance, was called  Nara Shikamaru. And there it goes, Due as the pervert Jiraiya, not to forget wandie the cool Shino . And also my roomate Jimie who kept insist that he is Kabuto (though quite a distinctive difference, hehe, no offense jimie. X-P). Adib as Choji is understandable. And the childish Pa’li as Konohamaru, paired with cute Hajar as  Hinata. Yeah, we even got girls to on our ‘Naruto Team’. And only several of us know why Ros was called Tsunade…hoho..(shhh~!!). Missing the old days where we were planning to came on Spm result’s day by wearing the costumes according to our character. Ahaks~ that was a very good old memories…

I miss my juniors. The Biro Kebudayaan team was unresistable. I received a lot of complaints, involving me choosing many girls juniors to be part of our team. Our team is about 13 people, and most of them (8 if am not mistaken) were girls of form 3 arrazi back then, yeah. Lot’s of people complaining that i’m some sort of pervert etc etc…but the funny thing is, I’d never receive any complaints regarding our job performance~! Despite of having lots of girls in our team, we actually run Biro Kebudayaan very well! Well, cooperating with those girls were easy, though.. they did their job perfectly well.


Regarding to this post’s title, Aku dan Kamu. Yea, ‘kamu’, one of my juniors. Miss her very much, though. Added her recently to my friendster friends list…and *huh* she changed a lot. Too bad i couldn’t save her. I was really hoping that i could save her. She was a good girl, and she deserves better. So that she could be a better muslimah. Well, it seems that she had chosen her path, what else can i do! 24:26. O Allah, lighten her the path, the path towards You. She might not be a pure muslimah by Your side, but at least she wouldn’t do anything against Your commands..

Well..miss u a lot, my sis. I’ll pray Allah for your guidance.


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