Leaving on a jet plane!


I’m bored. Really bored. There’s another 2 days before my flight back home. Oh, yeah. Let me state here again my flight schedule. I travel home with Iqbal, the shoppaholic friend..hehe

On Thursday, 5th of July, Iqbal and I will be taking a cab to the Nizhny Novgorod Airport at 1900Hrs. Arriving there around 40 minutes later, we will be relaxing there, waiting for flight S7003 which is scheduled to take off at 2145Hrs, and will be expecting to touch down at Domododevo Airport, Moscow 45 minutes later.

At Moscow, we shall wait until 0225Hrs 6th July, for flight QR867 operated by Qatar Airways to Doha, and we will arrive in Doha at 0630Hrs Doha time.

Well, since my next flight is 13 hours later, guess that there’s plenty of time to be wasted. Apparently, Qatar Airways is very kind, and will be providing me with a hotel room to be spent along the period. Things quite different for Iqbal though, since he got an earlier flight to KUL than me, which means his transit at Doha will consume only about 8hrs. Huhu.

Lotsa sightseeing to be done, and am also planning to perform solat jumaat at Doha (inshaAllah, who would’ve thought maybe al-Qardawi will be the imam? Hehe). Then at 2030 6th July, i will be onboard flight QR620, heading to KLIA, and is scheduled to arrive at 0910Hrs 7th July KL time…


So, what i’m doing ryte now? Well, just quit watching Final Fantasy Advent Children (after halfway through, lost my interest). Yesterday watched Pirates of Carribean : At World’s End. Nice movie, huh! Hehe.

I’m bored. Really am. Ok guys, see ya later at Malaysia – Bittersweet Home.

p/s: This blog has a backup site at leokid.wordpress.com. Feel free to stop by!
p/s/s: Currently working on a project – MedicLife – medicstudent.wordpress.com

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