All these life i’ve devoted myself thinking positively of other people.

No matter what happen, i always believe there’s a good explanation.

Even when someone hurts my feeling, i believe he/she has a good reason.

Even if he/she doesnt, i’ll create one for them.

Guess that my optimistic, blunt positive thinking is the one that have been hurting myself.

I’m afraid of thinking positively. Because each time i do so, i ended up hurted even more.

I’m a confident person, i would say. But i find it hard for me to trust others.

Think positive – husnul zhon. Should assure my heart.

The problem is – the truth is always not the one i’ve been thinking positively.

Maybe i’m not being realistic.

And the truth is the most painful.

Still i try to make excuses, though the truth is revealed.

Hoping that it would assure my heart.

But why it hurt even more?

I’m afraid, to think positive.


2 thoughts on “Optimist?

  1. memang susah nak husnul zhon nih…sebab syaitan tuh sentiasa ada untuk hasut kita…papepon..kita kena kuat untuk tepis segala hasutan tuh…don’t be afraid to think positive :)

  2. nEe~ kid^chan
    sha shukep this post ;)
    heheh.. baru2 ni sha kije kan..
    n yesh i’ve face d same prublemm T_T
    well betul tuh truth ish owes painful..
    (i mean some of em..)
    sha also owes try 2 think positive..
    making reasons 4 peoples so that
    kte buleh tenangkan hati (ko0n0nnye)..
    esp 4 those who we <3 most..
    but as always i end up hurting myself..

    tp tp other way..
    just pk lah..
    by thinkin positively
    we r d winner kan? tats how sha feel
    sbb bkn sng nk think positive T_T
    its hard!!~ -______-;
    only those who r strong enuf can do tat
    rawrrrr ^.^v HAKUNA MATATA~ ;P

    (ape sha ngarut ni??? ehehe maaf)

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