Examination Schedule



Alhamdulillah, yesterday finished with the first part of Anatomy exam. The computer test consists of 100 multiple type answer questions, provided 1 hour and a half. Huhu.

So..next part is as scheduled below.

Histology, 22nd January 2008 = Theoretical Questions & Slides. Additional MCQs may be included, based on real-time performance during exam. Candidates are expected to answer in oral (viva voce), and is the examiner is expecting a satisfactory, fully-prepared answer from the students.

Anatomy, 29th January 2008 = Theoretical Questions & Structure Identification on the corpse. Usually there are 15 random structures (parts of the body) will be asked. Candidates are expected to know thoroughly, in and out, micro and macroanatomy of human body.

These 2 subjects are the core foundation of medical field. Therefore I desperately, humbly beg from you all who read my blog – Pray for my success! My hardship alone can’t cope with it, so the redha from u all and most importantly, the redha from Allah is really a must!

Ps: I have 3 post-drafts here waiting to be completed – Gadis Itu.., Bala? Ujian? Kemurkaan? Balasan?, and the last one, Hati.

Actually post “Hati” tu dah siap, tp saje taknak publish lagi. Tengok la bila2 terbuka hati aku nk publish, aku publish la. Huhu.

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