Wahahaha. my super-crash-course for revision this coming winter exam! Gosh, i’m really good in last-minute planning and studying!

So…that’s it. Aku nak minta maaf awal2 la, most probably aku tak respons any buzz or IM from anyone kat YM aku. And if korang kacau aku silap time (and menghanginkan aku) or keep buzzing me, tak mustahil aku akan appear permanently offline to ur nick. Hehe.

It’s my period of isolation. During this time, i literally isolates myself from the world. Let it be the real world, or even the net world. I go online only to find something to relax myself. Among my favorite spots –,, friendster and Forum.Jiwang.Org.

My real-world favorite spots? Haha! Takde keje nk kuar sejuk2 camni (-19). Bukan nak relax, lagi tambah tension ade la. Huhu.

During this time, i will be really exhausted. And stressed. And i become even more stressed and furious if my schedule above is interrupted! Grr…remember..i’m a lion. Aumm~ =p

That’s all i guess. Will keep on posting some posts, perhaps. Dunno yet. Salam.

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3 thoughts on “Huhu..exam~

  1. I can see u r free on saturday night… good for me!~
    Just in time for my birthday present :) :) :)

    Leokid: tu relax untuk study slides/preparates yea. meaning i won’t go to semashka that day. theoretical study still going on as usual, and so is my room’s door – it will stay closed n locked. =p

  2. hey, was blog-hopping and fate brought me here. Ermm, you hate Muslim women who don’t cover their aurat?

    Anyway, good luck with your exams.

    Leokid: Yeap. Nothing much, just a personal opinion. Precisely, i hate the sin but not the sinner. =)
    Thanx mayt!

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