This winter really sucks the water out of my body. Huhu. I catch lots of problems as soon as the winter begins, not to forget the “trans-seasonal” condition such as flu, cough etc etc..

However, a dried skin is always in my extra care list each winter. Though i only experienced one winter before, it still gonna be on the extra care list this year’s winter. It causes so much discomfort, and i really hate going out on the streets during winter.

Why? With temperature as low as -20 degrees, u’ll find out ur nosehair frozen up, ur lips instantly dried, ur ears become red etc etc in a period of…5 minutes? Heheh.

Despite having the Anatomy examination, i spent around 30minutes googling about preventive care for dry skin. And here’s something i found out on the Net:

Adapted from Naturally Healthy Skin, by Stephanie Tourles (Storey Books, 1999).
Okay…sounds promising. Let’s see the rest of the article “Prevent and Treat Dry Skin – How To” which i have extracted in paragraphs so that i can put my own, personal remark in it. Hehehe.
It’s been really cold here in the American Northeast, and my skin has been suffering: dryness and itching, flakiness–yuck! Then I found this wonderful book.

SIMPLE SOLUTION: Just one day after trying some of these great tips, my skin is feeling more soothed, smoothed, and moist.

Learn how to prevent winter-dry skin, and how to make some quick and super-effective remedies for curing it if you’ve already succumbed. Smoother, younger, delightfully moisturizing skin tips, right here

Wow! Now these sounds really promising. The author’s living in the America Northeast? Bet the mountain range of Alaska won’t be as challenging and cold as the Russian Winter, eh? Seriously! It’s the ‘famous’ Russian Winter i’m dealing with!


1. Avoid caffeine, smoking, and alcohol. They act as diuretics and are guaranteed to suck you dry!

Will do, doc! To leave caffein’s quite difficult for me, since i’m staying up late these day, gotta burn some midnight oil for my exam! Therefore a cup of Nescafe is a regular drink each night for me. Smoking n alcohol… n never..

2. Increase your water level. Drink up! Make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of pure water a day to keep your skin and body properly hydrated. Drink more if you’re super active.

Now this is quite a problem. Well, since i’m quite lazy and my filter-boiler is not as effective as they should be, i depends solely on out-of-the-shop mineral water these days. Though quite cost me some rubles, it doesnt hurt me that much. It’s that since it’s winter, and i’m sooo lazy to go out to the grocery store 500metres from my hostel, i admit that i’m quite dehydrated recently. T_T

3. Add oil to your bath. Add a tablespoon or so of almond, jojoba, olive, or hazelnut oil to your bath water after you’ve soaked for about 5 minutes. By soaking first, your skin gets plumped up by the water, then by adding the oil, it will seal in the absorbed moisture.

Erk? Oil? I only got “Oleina Cooking Oil”, that should do, right? -_-” Plus, i don’t have a bathtub here.

Why i feel like i’m going to be fried? @_@”

4. Protect your skin from the elements. Wind, sun, heat, cold, and dry office and airplane air can quickly cause or exacerbate the condition of dry skin. Apply a moisturizer before exposing your skin to these moisture-sapping conditions. A lavender, rose, or German chamomile aromatic hydrosol sprayed onto your face, neck, chest, and hands helps to keep your skin wonderfully refreshed and hydrated.

Yeah! That’s what i’m talking about! No more hanging out! Not even go to Semashka study preparat when i should do, especially when exam’s is 3 days apart!=p

As for the moisturizer…i still got my last year’s Watson’s Moisturising Body Lotion Enhanced With Vitamin A that i bought in Malaysia before coming here. That would do, right?

5. Limit hot water contact. Avoid long, hot showers and baths, especially during cold weather, as they dehydrate the skin. Warm showers and baths for a short duration, though, are beneficial to dry skin. Also, limit bathing or washing you face to once a day, usually right before you retire. When you arise, apply a bit of herbal facial splash or toner, or spritz your face (and body, if it needs treatment as well) with an aromatic hydrosol and you’re ready to go.

Ooo..kay. Guess i have to stop having a sauna in my bathroom then. =p

6. Increase EFAs in your diet. Chow down on cold-water fish, walnuts, and flax seeds, all rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help replace moisture in dry hair and skin. Also consider adding evening primrose oil to your diet. The author takes one 1300 mg capsule daily–or every other day, depending on her body’s needs–and she reports that her skin just blooms! Flaxseed oil is also beneficial–1 tablespoon is the standard recommended dosage.

Increase EFA (Essential Fatty Acids)??? I’m working on losing some weight here, is that the reason i’m losing the humidity too? But seriously, seriously – i have to eat more fat? Have more oily diet? Huhu. I only got chicken fat and Oleina oil here, am not that rich to have these Primerose oil…

7. Use humidifiers. They work wonders in restoring healthful humidity to your dry home or office environment.

I have heaters in my messed-up room. Should i make it even messier by adding a humidifier? Will think about it, it’s not cheap, though. $_$”

8. Use only gentle cleansers. Avoid cleansers such as deodorant soaps and harsh abrasives. These can cause your skin to feel like a dried-out Thanksgiving turkey. Use a moisturizing soap, soap-free product, or a gentle, grain-based cleanser.

I still got a loaf of Dove soap from Malaysia. Guess it’s time to unwrap it..


1. Try a non-petroleum jelly product available in health food stores.

2. Perform these treatments as often as 3 times per week:

I use petroleum jelly. Only to prevent chapped lips. Yeah, it’s quite effective, though gotta bear being insulted as “wearing lipstick” by crappy friends.

Exfoliate. This should always be the first step toward healing dry skin. Dead skin cells can, over time, build up and become unresponsive to lotions and creams. In order for your moisturizer to do its job, you must first get rid of this dead barrier. (look in our Channels for lots of great facial and body scrub and exfoliating formulas).

Hoho..body scrubs? Added to my shopping list for the next month’s budget.

Moisturize. After you’ve exfoliated, you’re ready for moisture. Apply your favorite moisturizer to your face and body, or try good old vegetable shortening. (Shortening is typically made from 100 percent soybean oil and it soaks in rapidly–if you don’t apply too much, that is!) The author usually puts on her flannel gown and socks after applying shortening and goes to bed. She guarantees you’ll awaken with gloriously soft, smooth skin.

Hmm….okay. Will try it.

A dried skin, chappy lips, some snorty nose – that’s only a bit of Russian Winter’s experience, especially if u’re first timer. Well, u see, winter is a dangerous season. It limits ur outdoor activity. Most people end up hibernating under their comforter on the bed, in their warm, comforting room resulting in a several kilos gain at the end of the season. Some tries burning up calories by having some winter sport – skiing, ice skating – and end up with a broken clavicle. (Seriously). Some smoke even more intense, the cold weather are the reason for them to increase their daily nicotine intake. Some even drink alcohol, to increase their body metabolism and temperature. These people really don’t have any ideas what these stuffs will do to their own body, ayte?

Seriously – winter is a dangerous season. People gets crazy all the time. People gets cold. Literally, and metaphorically.

Still, i like winter most. Won’t stop wishing for an eternal winter! =)

p/s: I have my final exam this Tuesday. Anatomy. Pray for my success..please! Really need all the prayers all around the world! I can’t do this alone, seriously!

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