I have a question running through my mind lately. Alright, 2 questions actually. Yeap, questions about love. Love as in context of 2 people towards each other. Not in the context of Love towards The Most Righteous, nor Love as in family or siblings, or even friends. It’s about love between a loving couple.

I’ve been asking lots of my friends, and honestly, i received quite a little incongruent answer. Hehe. So i want to ask you as well, readers!

Dun worry, it’s a simple 2 choices question. Okay, 1st question:

Would you sacrifice your own happiness so that the person you love happy?

See? A simple question, right. It’s either yes or no. Don’t worry, everyone is invited to answer it, whether u’re in love, or was in love, currently searching, currently hanging on, puppy love, platonic love, etc etc, try to answer that question. =)

And now, for the second question. It might be quite same as the first one, but it’s quite tricky. So think well.

Between you and the person you love, you rather be the one hurts, or the one being hurt?

Like i said, it’s quite same. But think of the differences and try answer it from the bottom of your heart.

Honestly, i ask these 2 questions because i can’t find the answer for them. Okay, perhaps i have my personal answer for that, but still i dunno how to answer it!

These 2 questions might sound simple. After all, they’re simple 2-choices question. A carefree, single or happy person may answer these question easily. However, i believe, when u’re in that exact situation, the answer might not be the same.

Now, speak for love! =)


6 thoughts on “Questions!

  1. lol
    since you already asked the question personally, i guess its my obligation to state my answer here.
    and yeah, the answer are based from my own experience.
    not really.
    in the short term, i mean. In a longer term, i learned a lot.

    my answer would be…
    1) Would you sacrifice your own happiness so that the person you love happy?
    Yeah, done that. And willing to do it again, if necessary. And unfortunately, the so-called-sacrifice didn’t net much benefit, strictly speaking. But yeah, it help me grow. So, for me, its a good thing.

    2) Between you and the person you love, you rather be the one hurts, or the one being hurt?
    Again, done that. On the same circumstances with the previous question, plus several other experience, directly or indirectly. A friend of mine, not you, asked me about the same question. Only in more general term, and yeah, the answer is still the same. I’d rather sacrifice myself, i.e., being hurt, in this context, rather than hurting the one i love.

    Thats my opinion~
    And i know, you opinion might be different.

  2. 1) I’d rather sacrifice my joy for the loved one. Seeing she happy would drag me along with her happiness. I’d at least smile if she’s happy right? I don’t look at my loved one as a burden. By urging myself to share my happiness, I reckon our relationship would be eternal ;)

    2) I’m not the selfish type that’ll hurt others easily. So by having this so-called good qualities, I might not be the one who will hurt others, instead, I’d rather be hurt. C’mon, don’t tell me you expect to see a guy hurting a girl as if it’s the nicest thing to do :D

  3. Owh ya, forgot to leave my personal comment to my akhi. LOL. Frankly, I enjoy reading your blog every time. I adore you writing in a way. It’s like I enjoy every words of yours ;) Do write more yah. Anyway, I got promoted to SAM Bestari instead of MRSM. But then, I’ve rejected their promotion by going to SAMT Hishamuddin. To me all schools are the same. It’s the matter of how we study and overcome any consequences :D

  4. salam..slame ni dok bace je..jawab skit..heh..
    1)i will not if there’ll not be any good coming out of it after that…
    2)same as above..
    being drowned with emotions and obsessions is worse than dying…u can lose your life and purpose at one go..or lose it day by day…

    i’m interested in the last sentence. makes me wonder.. =)

  5. nk jawaB jugak!!

    1-will i sacrifice f0r the pers0n i l0ve(c0uple)?
    n0pe.. i’ve a l0t of pers0ns i sh0uld care n l0ve, like faMily, frienDs..n als0 ISLAM! be firm with what u believe, d0 n0t t0lerate with things related to other pers0ns y0u m0re l0ve. after all, pe0ple c0me n g0..s0 are c0uples..

    2-sh0uld i hurt, or sh0uld i hurt that pers0n?
    it depands..if u want to hurt s0meone u love, of c0urse u’ll hurt urself..riGht? if n0t, there’s no p0int f0r being in l0ve in that pers0n.=] h0wever, like i said, give the pri0rity to ones wh0 deserve it. if ur c0uple needs c0ntradict with ur family/religi0n needs, then u sh0uld be firm. it is n0t wh0-hurt-wh0, c0z it’ll hurt b0th(except u hurt him/her f0r an0ther pers0n).

    after all, people c0me n g0..
    sCar will dem0lishes, but hurt remains..
    just leave ur heart t0 Allah n islam..
    insyaAllah u can g0 over it

    (kata2 s0rg pmerHati duNia..=p

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