My 8 Random Facts

I was kinda messed up lately. Seriously. I’ve been pushing myself too hard, i believe. Huhuh.

And just formatted my laptop. Kinda spring cleaning, though spring is not there for another month or two. And found out a faulty battery/power supply, quite lucky though it can still be powered up using AC adapter. Guess that gotta spend another thousands of ruble to repair it. The moral of it – don’t buy Twinhead laptop. It might look sleek, cool etc, but belief me – it needs regular expenditure for the maintenance. =p

And i’m quite under stressed right now. Huhu. This problem, that problem, this person, that person, this subject, that subject. Seriously kinda thought that death will be much easier. Haha. (Like i’ve experienced death, though!).

Am having some weird dreams also, lately. Huhu. I’m not going to story it in details.. One of my dream, I was having a disease (my muscles were falling apart – literally in my dreams!) and then, i can see some of my friends who still stand by my side despite that disease. Some of them, however, walk away and no longer care about me. It was not a nightmare, yet frightening. Yes, of course, it’s a dream – but will it be much different if it happens in reality?

My second dream – i met with my school counselor back when i was in MRSM. Mr. Amin, his name. I met him, we have a session together, i asked him lots and lots of question regarding my life, my problem, etc etc. Huhuh. And yet, he didnt come out with any answer. “You gotta find it urself”, if i wasnt mistaken, the answer given by him in my dream. Hmm…now that’s something.

I feel really terrible right now. The reality world is too hard! Not everyone can be trusted. Not everyone is willing to share ur laughs n tears. Not everyone have a good shoulder to cry on.

I really missed the time when i was in MRSM. I was really happy there. I was really calm, peaceful at least. I have my friends, my teachers. Hakuna Matata – no worries.

Enuf bout it. Back to the point of this topic – Recently Mr Kipp.tagged me. I was kinda surprised though! Hehe. Let’s see..

“8 Random Facts About Me”

The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List 8 random facts about yourself.
3. Tag 8 people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blogs.

I have displayed lots of facts about myself in the right column of this blog. -_-” Nevertheless, the list is endless. Hehe. So here it goes! My 8 Random Facts

1. I wear baseball cap almost all the time I go out to the street.

It’s becoming a habit already, since i was in MRSM. Baseball cap is my trademark! Hehe.

2. I love to cook!

Yeap2, also becoming a habit. When i was at my home, i usually do the late-night cooking. The menu usually “fried instant noodle (maggi)”, hamburgers, fried rice..etc etc. Yet here in Nizhny Novgorod, i do lots of cooking on my own. And gotta say, i’m getting better at it. Hehe. For me, cooking is a way to channel my creativity and spend my time in an useful way.

3. I am a computer geek, despite struggling in a medical course.

I got my first computer when i was 10 yo. But during that time, most of the time was dominated by my older brother. He used to install this and that, and configure this and that, and during that time i always put up a chair by his side and observe what he’s doing. During my lower form, i started to put interest in Flash, publishing my first personal website etc etc. However it was during my SPM year, when i seriously put some effort in programming. I narrowly was going to be selected to represent Malaysia in the Intel ISEF competition, however during that time i was really busy and can’t put 101% commitment towards it..gotta let that chance fly away..

And now – currently doing part-time charity fixing others computer problems..i enjoy that, actually.

4. Addicted to Sudoku.

Every day, i must have done at least one sudoku puzzle. I know for myself, that i would perform better if i’m in engineering career path, due to my natural-born talent in mathematics. Maths had always been my expertise, since i know when. However, to my sorrow, being in this medical course – maths is not that important. that’s why each day i gotta be attached to numbers no matter what! And sudoku – i really enjoy it~! Heheh.

5. I enjoy sim/business games – ThemeHospital, Sim City, etc etc. I enjoy others too, though, such as – DoTA, NFS, CS, etc etc.

6. I have 3 other siblings. My eldest brother, born 1981. Elder brother, born 1982 (if i’m not mistaken). And one cute-yet-annoying lil sister, born 1996.

7. I’m a big spender. Last year i bought a handset, a 500GB harddisk. This year i bought an iPod, nearly bought a PSP. Who knows what i’m gonna buy for next year? Muahaha.

8 . …

8 People That I Will Tag

Please ignore this tag if you have done it before! =)

1. Hmm…first one goes to you, ilidash! Ooo..pi eire x ajak..hehe.

2. Sis Nisahaz – hey, SPM result is coming out this 12 March! =p

3. Sis Et! Good luck with ur new blog!

4. Hey my roomie, a tag for you!

5. Hoho…thanx for the cool Neuchsthweinstein magnet, EfEnEm!

6. To the last person who commented my blog, Kak Amani. =)

7. My lovely sis, Sha~~ (saje nak suruh bagi update sket blog..heheh)

8. Anybody feels like doing this, u’re welcome!

10 thoughts on “My 8 Random Facts

  1. You’re still teenager, you’re hormonal, messing up is quite the characteristic. No need for people to take care of you. Take care of yourself, a healthy amount of selfishness is good. That’s how people deal with the real world.

  2. ai ai~
    sha haf no no tym nk apdet blog kiD nEe~
    hik2 bzbzbz..
    tp sha ade mashew nk menyemak kat blog kiD
    ehEe ^______________^

    nanntiiii da ade mashew baru blh kachau2 blogggy yaw ;)

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