Summer Planning


Currently scheduling my upcoming summer holiday. Huhu. Gosh~ I never thought that my schedule would be so packed!

As you can see from the link on the right side of my blog, i’ve put up a page “Summer Holiday’s Planning”.

The reason is simple. For my own ease to plan and schedule my holiday well. And also to update and inform my friends, my blog’s readers about my holiday. So that there would be any interruption or change of planning, which I despise most. =)

As for now, I think I need to rearrange my practical training. Huhu. Oh yea, an unofficial announcement said that my final exam is on 17th June. While my homecoming flight is scheduled on 29th June, i’m thinking to start my practical training here. A week here, and then another 3 weeks in Malaysia. That would be much convenient, i would say. More time for me to spend at home!

I’m going around the Malaysia this time. =) Besides going to Pahang for my brother’s wedding and also Kelantan for my best friend’s wedding, me also involved in the ImamRSC’s Homestay Program localized in Perak. And also, a week of Borneo trip to the Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, the KEM (Kem Eksplorasi Minda) organized by and ISAC (Islamic Art Club).

Here and there, not forgetting the practical training, *huh* guess that it would not be a holiday, after all!

Oh yea, as a continuation from the previous post, here is the lyric of another Xifu’s song – Islam, Iman & Ihsan. It’s taken from the 2nd hadith arbain compiled by Imam Nawawi.

12 thoughts on “Summer Planning

  1. assalamualaikum..
    hmm, kembali ke kelantan. Selamat menjengah HUSM..hahha.
    Xdela..kiddy, sy nk mntk maaf atas keterlanjuran komen sy yang lepas2 ya..=)

    eheh. dun worry la huda, no offense taken thus no apologies needed. =)

  2. salam 3laik

    wah2..planning bsar nmpaknya abg kita nih…hehe slamt bercuti

    oh ya…awat komen pelik2 sgat ttg buku tuh…adus T__T

    k…hehe exam sedang berjalan seiring


    eheh. pelik ke komen tu? hehee. takpe abaikan je. =p

  3. Lol. Thanks for the song again! The first thing that I concentrated was not your post but the lyric and song! Haha! Damn funny dey. :D Anyways, I’ve updated my blog with your tag. Thanks for being the first person to tag me :D

    haha. nevermind, that’s a type of attraction i’m putting on. hehe. yeap2, read ur tag-reply several days ago. ^_^

  4. hey. salam ziarah too. i read those things u wrote about xifu and i thing its kinda interesting. you know, i once heard the hadith 6 song but i dont know is was by xifu i just dont know why but i like their work. xifu muadz is my fren’s brother.
    thx for ziarahing my site and u’re so welcome to come again.

    heheh. same like me when i heard the song for the 1st time. i don’t know it was sung by xifu. =)

    u too are most welcomed here!

  5. yup…tkr url. URL lepas skema d way, im ESFJ..terlalu jujur orangnya! Hahahha..tapi, for blog..macam tak seswai..chewah..walaupun saya extrovert! Hehehe..happy back home, kiddy! komen ke2 tu, i jz try wether its ok or not..seem ok..hmm~ =P

  6. salam..pertama kali tersesat kt sini.nmpk menarik penulisan anda.
    btw,ternmpk ur family pic kt ur latest entry.nmpk mcm penah jumpa ngn ur father.imigresen kroh kn?ur father mentioned yg dia ade ank kt mrsm pdrm jgk since me was in pdrm.xsngka terjumpa di blog ini.anyway salam ziarah

    yeap2. tapi sekarang dia keje kat Pdg Besar. tinggal mak je yg kat kroh. =)

    camne knal die? -_-“

  7. oh.masa tu nk pgi buat pasport.da lame da.i think 3 years ago.mse tu dia bos imeg baru kt kroh klo xsilap.
    wa.stil dok kroh ke.bes kan kroh :D
    kroh dok mane?

    owh. patut la. =p

    kroh kat dlm kuarters polis. yeap2 so far kroh antara tmpat paling best saya penah duduk. life kat sana peaceful. tenang je. suka naik motor round2 tepi tasik. kdg2 lepak tepi tasik smpai tertdo. hehe. =)

  8. sbb tu org lua byk yg dtg dok kroh pastu xpindah2 da..kroh sgt tenang dan nyaman.. :D
    btw flight blk msia kita samala..but from diff country la..huhu..
    xsaba nk blk bandar metropolitan pengkalan hulu ni..huhu..
    nway all da bes in ur coming exam.. :D

    emirates jugak kah? well, ada rezeki jumpa di dubai nnt la kot. =)

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