From 2008 to 2009

12.03 am, 1st January 2009.

It’s been quite a while since I last updated this blog. I was supposed to write something during the end of Hijriah calendar a few days ago, but I thought i’ll just wait for the new year’s eve so that i can conclude everything in one post. Easier that way, maybe.

So here i am, at the beginning of 2009. Wishing myself a blissful, happy new year, drinking grape juice by the window, watching the fireworks while listening to Secondhand Serenade’s.

2008 had been quite a harsh year for me. A very harsh year, indeed. A lot of things happened.

Now before I continue further, here’s a list of the posts I made within the year, and some summary about the 2008 progress of

  1. Sebelum Cahaya
  2. Optimist?
  3. Examination Schedule
  4. Huhu..Exam
  5. blind?
  6. Dehydrated
  7. Pre Exam – Post Exam – Pre Holiday
  8. End of Month Statistic
  9. Bala? Ujian? Kemurkaan? Balasan?
  10. A Dream Lies Within
  11. Questions!
  12. Personaliti
  13. My 8 Random Facts
  14. Hati
  15. Masih Adakah Esok
  16. My Personality? The Quest Continues..
  17. One Heart, One Religion
  18. Wind Of Change
  19. Windows Live Writer
  20. Untitled
  21. Untitled (2)
  22. Ayat-Ayat Cinta
  23. Quick Update
  24. Tag From Wandie
  25. Vulnerability
  26. Bye2 Dr. Rizhov!
  27. Halal, Haram, Hati
  28. Summer Planning
  29. Nilai Sebuah Komen & Photoblogging
  30. Pelajar perubatan tak perlu ke luar negara?
  31. Best ke duduk oversea?
  32. Aku Terima Nikahnya?
  33. Mou Sukoshi…
  34. Study…
  35. Ape ada dengan minyak?
  36. Of Action Potential, Excitability and Contractility
  37. Exam & Euro!
  38. Balik~
  39. Da Balik~
  40. Cuti Yang Penat..
  41. How To Save A Life?
  42. Trip To Borneo 1 – Welcome To Kuching
  43. Biar Jauh Dipisah Benua, Di Bumi Borneo Bertemu Jua!
  44. Dekad Ketiga
  45. I’m A Melancolic
  46. The Paradoxical Commandments
  47. 4 Paragraphs
  48. Tagged T_T
  49. Hari Yang Cerah Untuk Jiwa Yang Sepi
  50. Aidilfitri
  51. Retracing Steps
  52. Hitman (password: tembak)
  53. Post Raya!
  54. Pediatrician? No thanks!
  55. Pause
  56. Sengal..
  57. Lasagna Mania!
  58. Mencari sinar dalam kegelapan?
  59. Snippets – Malaysian Night
  60. Pemergian.. (Al-Fatihah)
  61. Qiamullail?
  62. Korban & Ikhlas
  63. Kucing! @ Leokid.Com
  64. Kawan Dari Dimensi Lain?

There are they. 65 posts, within a year. During the duration, the post “Best ke duduk oversea?” has attracted the largest amount of visitor per page (1521), followed by “Pelajar Perubatan Tak Perlu Ke Luar Negara” (884) and Ayat-Ayat Cinta (639). Still, none of my posts during the last year could top the amount of visitor attracted by the article Interview on 2007.

Among the articles, three of them have been reviewed and displayed for public at the website, which are – Best Ke Belajar Di Luar Negara, One Heart One Religion, and The Paradoxical Commandments.

Also, currently this website has links to 140 other websites in the blogrolls, and hold the PR of 4. In the ILuvIslam Topblog, the site is currently ranked 12th, while in Topblog, it is ranked 55th. As for Alexa ranking, this website rises to the 1.7millionth place.

So how much is the daily/weekly statistics? Simply put, alhamdulillah, Leokid’s Life is receiving a steady average of 100 visits per day, and a stable 1000 visits per week. Depends on the season, though. Here’s the rough graph:

Statistic 2008Note the sharp decrease during June/July. Well, it was my summer holiday. =p



Hereby, I announce the top 5 referrer websites to I’ve simplified it to the top-level-domain so that it will be fair to others. As a token of appreciation to them, i urge everyone reading this to click their link below and visit their sites! It’s worth it! Here’s the statistic:


1st place goes to..! This is a community portal, targetting to everyone who has interest in knowing more about Islam. A place of discussion, expressing your thoughts and opinions, directing your questions and getting explanations! Certainly worth visiting!

2nd place goes! A dear sister of mine, who’s currently struggling for her final year as a medical student in Moscow Medical Academy. Thanks, KS!

3rd place goest! I got to thank u twice, bro, 1st for being my best friend of the year, keep advising me and keeping me on track for all the trouble i caused (or may cause), and second for being among the top visitor referrer to my website. Thanx a lot!

4th! A dear colleague of mine, while me and him didnt always think synchronously, we do share a common passionate hobby which involves prison breaking, life saving drama, or an elite upper-east side of manhattan lifestyle! =p thanx, bro!

5th place, one and always be a dear mentor of mine, Abu Saif @ Often writes about the current issue, he reflects his view differently yet so true and pushes the young generation Muslims of Malaysia to think outside the box. Seriously, if any of us will see the “kebangkitan ummah” somewhen in the near-future, he would be one of it’s contributor!

Honorable mention: WordPress Dashboard. For those from or self-hosted wordpress site, wouldnt know what this is. WordPress Dashboard is an automatically generated community within bloggers of From the wordpress dashboard, i get to know a lot of great bloggers (and great friends), such as – BumiLangit, Tuan Rastom, SyahrilKadir, DrRazi, Kipp3k, Nasron Al-JauhariCik Fauzani and lots more! Thanks wordpress! (this dashboard is among the reasons of why i keep updating this blog although i’ve started The ukhwah and friendship among wordpress bloggers has already established and it’s hard for me to cut away from them.)

So i guess that’s enough about my blog. Currently, i’m satisfied with it, no changes are needed. And i cherish the birth of, which indirectly expands my space and freedom of writing. Alhamdulillah.

Well, 2008 as for my life..

Bye2 2008

How will i conlude 2008 in one phrase. Hmmmm… only one, i guess:


Yes, for me, 2008 is a year full of mistakes. Mistake here, mistake there, mistakes everywhere. Like this spelling mistake i spotted on the notice at the kitchen nearby my room:

Sejak bila ada "electronic gods" dekat2 sini? 0_o"

Sejak bila ada "electronic gods" dekat2 sini? 0_o"

Err.back to the topic. Yeah, for me, 2008 was filled with mistakes. Seriously, if i ever could have one my wish granted, the first one would be

“i wish for the eternal winter, so that everyone will be frozen up and there’s no one left to hurt me”

oops. that’s my ultimate wish, though. since my first year. however, i do wish one thing right now, dearly:

“i wish that i could rewind the time, clock and calendar so that it will be the 1st January of 2008 today”.

Such mistakes i did during the whole year, leave me with one feeling as i moved on from 2008 to 2009 – regrets.

I’m so full of regrets right now. Thoughts and thoughts in my head keep saying – why i didnt do that earlier? why i did that? why must i made it happen that why? how stupid i am to make that decision? etc etc..

a LOT of mistakes. more than the amount of grammar and spelling mistakes in this post of mine, the first post of 2009.

Things happen, and there will never be rewinded again. They said that we learn from mistakes. Here’s what I learned throughout the year

“Tapi alhamdulillah, dari segala ujian yang mendatang itu, tidak dinafikan aku dah banyak berubah berbanding tahun lepas. Aku lebih matang (1), rasanya. Lebih memikirkan kesan dan akibat daripada kepuasan (2). Aku banyak belajar, belajar bahawa hidup ini tak selalunya adil(3). Janji tak semestinya dipatuhi(4). Yang baik tak semestinya dibalas baik,(5) yang kuat tak semestinya menang(6). Dan aku juga belajar, taqdir tidak akan dapat diubah walau apa pun yang kita lakukan, walau sebaik mana pun perancangan, walau se-perfect mana pun impian.(7)” – Tagged T_T, 2008

That’s it, i believe. 2008’s gone, ain’t any of us can do anything about it anymore. All i wish is, that this 2009, will go smoothly. Aku dah penat..

Artist: Secondhand Serenade
Title: A Twist In My Story

Slow down, the world isn’t watching us break down
It’s safe to say we are alone now, we’re alone now
Not a whisper, the only noise is the receiver
I’m counting the seconds until you break the silence
So please just break the silence

The whispers turn to shouting
The shouting turns to tears
Your tears turn into laughter
And it takes away our fears

So you see, this world doesn’t matter to me
I’ll give up all I had just to breathe
The same air as you till the day that I die
I can’t take my eyes off of you

And I’m longing, for words to describe how I’m feeling
I’m feeling inspired
My world just flip turned upside down
It turns around, saw that’s that sound
It’s my heart beat, it’s getting much louder
My heart beat, is louder than ever
I’m feeling alive, I’m feeling alive

My whispers turn to shouting
The shouting turns to tears
Your tears turn into laughter
And it takes away our fears

So you see, this world doesn’t matter to me
I’ll give up all I had just to breathe
The same air as you till the day that I die
I can’t take my eyes off of you

I’m finally waking up, a twist in my story
It’s time I open up, and let your love right through me
I’m finally waking up, a twist in my story
It’s time I open up, and let your love right through me
That’s what you get
When you see your life in someone else’s eyes
That’s what you get, that’s what you get

So you see, this world doesn’t matter to me
I’ll give up all I had just to breathe
The same air as you till the day that I die
I can’t take my eyes off of you
This world doesn’t matter to me
I’ll give up all I had just to breathe
The same air as you till the day that I die
I can’t take my eyes off of you

Goodbye 2008! Welcome 2009!


6 thoughts on “From 2008 to 2009

  1. salam maal hijrah dan tahun masehi 2009 bro.

    ya, saya setuju dengan anda, semoga ukhwah yang terbina akan terus berkekalan. anda salah seorang penyebab saya buat blog tau. wordpress plak tu. hehehe….

    mari kita doakan palestin dan gerakkan kawan2 kita yang ‘buat2 tak tau’ pasal palestine. huhuhu…

    Ahaha, thanx bro. InshaAllah. Saya ada berceloteh sket pasal isu palestin ni kat blog satu lagi, Islami Ya Quds. Malas nak ulas banyak2, sudah banyak diulas oleh probloggers di sana sini. Takut nanti isi jadi redundant pula. =)

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