Fresh Start

Is there such thing as “Fresh Start”


There’s no such things as Fresh Start

To have a fresh start, it means
To undo everything you’ve done
To lose everything you have
To sacrifice everything you love
To let go of everything you own

However, can a fresh start really be a fresh start?


Things you do will still haunt you
Things you lose, you will gain back
Things you sacrifice will demand it’s pay
Things you let go will occasionally come back
There’s no such thing as “Fresh Start”

The only fresh start you have is if you’re dead
And you’re born again
But I, You, We all know that such thing is not true

So there’s no such thing as “Fresh Start”

You got one chance to live
One chance to make any decision
Live with it
Live with your decision
Learn from the consequences
Suffer from the catastrophes

Clocks are ticking clockwise
Nothing, nothing you can do to make it reversed

Live with the decision
Can I?

How to have a fresh start?
I really need to find the answer.

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10 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. If I could change – I would
    Take back the pain – I would
    Retrace every wrong move that I made – I would
    If I could stand up and take the blame – I would
    I would take all my shame to the grave..

  2. there’s truth in the writings but doesnt give any good from the perspective conveyed thru..

    if u could make the change, y not u have the change?
    y would not u?

    i beg if i could make it, i want to have it.
    lets change what in our mind, as everything just in our mind.
    it just in mind..leave the prejudice..

  3. there’s maybe no fresh start.but we can restart it again.its life.we keep learning in life, and each learning process needs us to repeat and repeat. how many times we need to repeat it, that depends on ourselves=)

  4. Fresh start…. it all depends on the individual. Some always prefer to live in the past. Others are happy-go-lucky and they are precisely the ones who have no difficulty in letting go off the past and starting afresh.

    sometimes the one we perceive as “happy-go-lucky” is the one who hurt most inside

  5. ehem2, lama nda menyibuk….
    fresh start..erm…nope. There’s no fresh start.d nightmare owez behind us, but yet we’ve got d future,work hard on it to have a wonderful memory.

  6. i think there is no fresh start.

    sebab, kalau ade fresh start, then macam mana kita nak tau yang our fresh start tu betol2 fresh start?(faham x?)

    sebab kita manusia ni belajar dari pengalaman dan juga kesilapan2 yang lepas.
    (alamak, macam sama pulak dgn isi pengomen di atas. lalala~~)

    btw, nak tanya, kenapa anda berblog? curious nak tau.

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