Day 1 (06/07) – Reporting For Duty

8.00 AM

  • Today is the day I should be reporting in. I arrived at Hospital  around 8 AM. Since today is Monday, there was staff assembly. Therefore I waited for my appointment with the director hospital, Dr. TGS.

9.00 AM

  • Dr. TGS came and meet me. There are 2 other medical students that will be doing the practical with me. They are from Crimea State Medical University, Ukraine. Dr. TGS explained us briefly about the rules and regulation of the hospital. She also reminded us the dress codes, and told us the expectations. We also took the chances to introduce ourselves to her.

10.00 AM

  • Dr. TGS assigned me with the Head of Medical Department, Dr. T. He is in charge of the Specialist Clinic of Hospital. Therefore I reported myself to him, introducing myself. He then assigned me with one of the MO in charge, Dr. W. I then joined Dr. W in the clinic.
  • In the clinic, I swiftly introduced myself to Dr. W, because the consultation is still ongoing. I placed myself at the corner of the room, listening to the consultation between Dr. W and the patients. Dr. W explained to me about the patients, about her approach etc. Among the patients we have this morning was:


A 40 years old woman 7th Nerve Palsies
Indicates by left-side weakness of the facial muscle, characterized by smirking, deviated smile.
Upper limb jerks/reflexes are normal.
There is no underlying infections.
Patient is prescribed with Prednisolone.


A patient with long record (2 years) of rheumatoid arthritis.
The patient also presented with dyslipidemia and osteoarthritis, arterial hypertension.
There is joint deformities especially at the phalanges.
The patient is prescribed with methotrexate. We have to monitor the WBC count and Liver Function because it may lead to some side effects.


  • I was with Dr. W until around 11.30 AM. Then there was no other patient, so we took lunch break.

2.30 PM

  • I reported to the medical ward, next to the Specialist Clinic. There, I joined the ward round conducted by the specialist, Dr. T, followed by the other MOs, Dr. W and Dr. B.
  • The ward is female ward, accommodating patients from medical department (non-surgical). There were a few patients. Among the disease/conditions were:


Warfarin Intoxication
Diabetis Mellitus
Thalassemia Beta Intermedia
Unstable Angina
Pleural Effusion


  • I was asked by Dr. T to performed examination on the patient 1-1. The patient was a late middle-aged woman (around 50 years old), with history of mitral valve replacement 20 years ago. Since then, she is taking the drug warfarin. She was brought into the ward with bleeding of gums, melaena and swelling of the legs. Patient is also hearing-impaired, which makes the history taking quite difficult.
  • General condition of the patient was moderately severe. She has strict bed regime. I performed cardiovascular examination, with auscultation of the heart. I could hear very distinctively, the clicking sound over the area of apex, originating from the mechanical valve.
  • Chest X-Ray of the patient also show cardiomegaly, with very large right-sided hypertrophy. The image of the valve also could be seen very clearly on the x-ray.
  • The ward round ended at 4 PM. I then was allowed to go home.

P/s: abaikan grammar/spelling aku. cikgu2 kat russia bukan kisah pun pasal grammar2 ni. harharhar~


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