Day 3 (08/07) – Mumps and Stroke

8th JULY 2009

8.00 AM
•    I arrived at the hospital and went straight to the ward. Today, the day began with the pleural tap procedure on the same yesterday’s patient. There still present a lot of fluid in the left pleural cavity, despite yesterday’s draining.
•    I helped Dr. W perform the procedure. This time, the fluid was taken from the posterior side of the patient, at level of 5th Intercostal Space.
•    Like yesterday, the hemorrhagic fluid was drained. Patient informed that she feels a lot better than yesterday.
•    Then, there were new admissions of patient. One patient was a young girl, who collapsed at school. It was believed that the girl collapsed due to dehydration and lack of nutrition. The girl was trying to lose some weight, therefore skipped some meals.
•    Another patient was a middle-aged woman presented with swelling of the left side of face. The swelling was very painful and sensitive to touch. The patient also seems lethargic. Blood count shows an increase in white blood cell, particularly neutrophils. It indicates that there was an infection going on. Swelling of the parotid glands and lymph nodes confirmed the infection. The diagnosed mumps was confirmed later.

10.00 AM
•    I then followed Dr. W and Dr. B to the clinic. At the clinic, I met with Dr. E who was also conducting the consultation.
•    There was a lot of patients with Diabetis Mellitus, and Arterial Hypertension.
•    Dr. B asked me few question regarding the stroke patient in the ward. She asked me about the type of stroke – hemorrhagic and ischaemic stroke.
•    She also asked me about the clinical examination for neurological system, and asked me about reading the CT scan. I told her that I’m not yet having my neurology cycle.
•    The clinic ended around 12.30 PM. I asked the doctors about the evening session, and they said that the ward round may be conducted but will be very late, so I was allowed to be free that evening.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 (08/07) – Mumps and Stroke

  1. its nice u share ur experience here.At least i got some mental picture of whats happening in Malaysian hospital setup..By the way, i just want to comment on the term “lethargy”, i don`t think its mean sensitive to touch which is called hyperesthesia, as far as i know it had almost the same meaning with fatigue, lassitude and malaise..

    or do you mean the patient is lethargic because of the disease??

    it’s what written on the case report, as far as i remember =p

    i think the patient is lethargic because of the disease. patient haven’t had proper meals for days since the symptoms started. the patient’s condition when i inspected her also, she seemed very weak, lethargic.

    thanks for the comment! i have corrected a bit. =)

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